SLO County residents vote to increase taxes

November 5, 2020


Election night returns show Atascadero, Grover Beach, Morro Bay, Paso Robles and San Luis Obispo voters favoring 1% sales tax increases, according to unofficial election results.

While five of the seven cities in San Luis Obispo County sought sales tax increases to make up for revenue lost during the coronavirus, Pismo Beach floated a 1% percent transient occupancy tax, which is passing 83% to 17%.

Sales tax election night results

  • Atascadero – 61% yes, 39% no
  • Grover Beach – 54%, 46%
  • Morro Bay – 60% yes, 40% no
  • Paso Robles – 58% yes, 42% no
  • San Luis Obispo – 60% yes, 40% no

Arroyo Grande is the only city in the county that did not promote a tax increase.

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Outcomes are much different than outcomes. Gov Greed is violent laws enforced with a gun. Corporate greed is free people making free choices yet stuck with the constant ever changing, burden of local Gov regulation.

It is ridiculously easy to pass new taxes when you can convince the public that the tourists (someone else) will pay the most. This has been done again and again yet the public continues to pay their servants better then themselves. Good luck getting anything done when the material cost increases exceed the new revenues. The voters have spoken and the consequences will follow.

hope they remember that when going to buy a car or new (non gas of course) appliances.

Congratulations to the citizens of these cities for realizing we need effective local government that isn’t cutting important services.

Interestingly, SLO county residents as a whole voted against all of the propositions that would have increased taxes and spending at the state level. Apparently they only like local taxes?

The city should have just asked for a 5% increase in taxes. SLO morons will vote for anything coming from the left.

And Mayor Harmon again…ugh.

get ready for her to challenge Jordan when this term is over.

Today mayor, tomorrow the Governor’s mansion and beyond!

Like Dawn Addis, what egos, what hubris..

It seems unreal. Doesn’t anyone in SLO acutually see what going on? They are all Happy with how SLO looks? Or should we be asking who counted the votes?

Welcome to “Woktopia