Thief burglarizes Atascadero man’s home while he sleeps

November 10, 2020


A woman allegedly broke into an Atascadero man’s home while he was asleep on Saturday and stole personal items, as well as a car.

The resident at a home on the 7800 block of Constancia Street awoke to find a thief had rummaged through his home, according to the Atascadero Police Department. After the man reported the incident, investigators entered the car into a statewide stolen vehicle database.

While officers were still on the scene, the Atascadero resident discovered a person had used his credit card at a local business. Shortly afterwards, a Paso Robles police officer noticed the stolen vehicle in the Target shopping center.

The officer stopped the vehicle and detained the driver, 31-year-old Amber Polky of Atascadero. Atascadero officers arrived at the Target parking lot and recovered the vehicle.

While searching the vehicle, the officers found the items stolen from the Atascadero home. Police later returned the vehicle to its owner.

Officers arrested Polky and booked her in the San Luis Obispo County Jail on charges of residential burglary, vehicle theft, fraudulent use of an access card and possession of drug paraphernalia. Polky remains in custody with her bail set at $50,000, according to the county sheriff’s website.

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Wrong, Slo to Load, crime statistics LAG our real world of SLO County anecdotal real-world petty crime free-for-all. . Just one local property has had a five gallon jug of gas unstrapped by someone, then get legs and walk off, and nearby a thief punched out an RV compartment lock, destroying it in an attempt to steal an RV storage battery. We should restore meaningful cash bail and restore more incarceration.

So you have to sign the back of your c-card for use and verification but nobody ever looks at it no security what so ever on c-cards

Central Coast Crime is on the up tick like never before, expect it to get much worse in the coming weeks

LOL the crime statistics would say otherwise. It’s more that with things in lockdown, the news really only has petty crime to report. What makes you think things will get “much worse” in the coming weeks? Criminal desperation as the pandemic spirals out of control?

Meth head steals car & credit card, goes shopping at Target for something to trade for more…meth.

Polky is locked up in the pokey where she belongs.

Hmmmmm……….kinda curious situation!

Hooker double dipping.

Sugar Baby gone bad.

Baby sitter bad to the bone.

Driving around shopping afterward, seems that she felt entitled to her ill gotten gains!!!

This maybe a case of a girlfriend named Polky gone wrong?

If you played the Hokey Polky with her, you might get a surprise.

That sure wouldn’t be the area of my choice for random home burglary were I in the business.