What does curfew mean for SLO County residents?

November 20, 2020

In response to a sharp increase in coronavirus cases, Gov. Gavin Newsom ordered a curfew for all counties in the purple tier, including San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara counties.

The 10 p.m. to 5 a.m. curfew begins Saturday. During curfew hours, people are prohibited from spending time with those from other households, “except for activities associated with the operation, maintenance, or usage of critical infrastructure.”

Can I leave my home during curfew?

Yes, people can leave their homes or lodgings alone or with people they live with. They, however, are prohibited from socializing with people from other households during curfew. The primary goal of the curfew is to curtail evening social gatherings where people are less likely to wear face masks and maintain social distancing.

Can restaurants serve food during curfew?

While outdoor dining must close at 10 p.m., restaurants can continue to sell takeout food and make deliveries after 10 p.m.

Can stores stay open during curfew?

Yes, businesses considered critical infrastructure, including groceries, pharmacies, convenience stores, and other retail businesses that sells food, beverages or animal food, can remain open.

What about homeless people?

The order does not apply to homeless individuals.

When does the curfew end?

The order is scheduled to expire on Dec. 21, but may be extended or revised as needed.

The SLO County Sheriff’s Department released the following statement following Gov. Newsom’s order:

“In response to the Governor’s curfew order, the Sheriff’s Office will continue its mission to focus on significant criminal matters. Deputies will not be making traffic/pedestrian stops to determine the comings and going of citizens during those stated hours. However, the Sheriff’s Office will take appropriate action on large egregious gatherings flaunting the curfew mandate. Additionally, the Sheriff’s Office will continue its protocols, like we have with the business community, to ask for voluntary compliance when dealing with these matters.”

         New coronavirus cases in California

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What a bunch of whiners. And you call the liberals “snowflakes”! I’m glad I’m not the governor. It is a completely thankless job. Damned if you do and damned if you don’t. Whatever they do,, the “other side” makes a meal of it. I assume ya’ll know by now how this virus is spread, so you know it can linger in the air where people are or have recently been, but it doesn’t have legs or wings or fins. It requires people to transport and share it.

We can’t stop eating and obviously shutting down any essential services causes other havoc as well, so we have to rely on the better judgement of individuals in regards to these things. What has become obvious as well, is the fact that there are many individuals and groups who choose, for (I’m sorry) unfathomable reasons, not to use better judgement. This puts the rest of us, who need to keep eating, etc., at far greater risk and prolongs risk of exposure and our economic hell. So, thanks guys, for that.

Cal Poly goes back in session and the viral load of our county skyrockets. Why? They choose to party and ignore better judgement and the common good. Along with the others who have taken this route. According to LE, it is partiers who are behaving in ways that subvert the common good who will be targeted by these new conditions. I think that is safe to assume. LE lacks the budget or resources to do more. In at least one country, people who ignore the rules are assigned to burry the dead.

I certainly think risky behavior places an extremely unfair burden on health care professionals, who are more likely to die simply because of their higher exposure. How about having those who ignore the rules empty bed pans, mop the floors and any other gross and dangerous jobs in the covid wards?

What, no? Why would that not be fair? Seems like there are no “fair” answers here. Welcome to governance. You can click the down arrow, but you know what I’m saying is true. Leaving business and social activity wide open, with the lack of concern shown by a significant percentage of the population, will cause untold lasting damage. To have to continuously rely on shutdowns to contain the spread will cause lasting economic damage, especially since BOTH SIDES of Congress have left us hanging without further economic relief with what is essentially OUR MONEY. So our Gov. is trying to find a balance that keeps us afloat and alive until the vaccine is universally available.

If everyone were acting responsibly, this would not be necessary. But they are not. Until you have a better way to solve that problem, then we do not have a better answer.

Hahahahaha yeah right FB, you say you’re glad you’re not the governor…

It must be such a burden to be wined and dined at French Laundry by your lobbyist buddies, eating your $300+ meal without a mask or social distancing, all the while ordering others as to what they must do in order to stop the virus.

Including a couple of California Medical Assoc executives at the table is icing on the hypocritical cake, no surprise given Aunt Nancy’s ice cream stunt.

Don’t feel bad for Newsom and his First Partner. Their party was having such a great time celebrating that the doors had to be closed to keep the noise from disturbing other patrons. Rough life indeed!

So, while you are criticizing this guy, who is responsible for the goings on of the 5th largest economy in the world, a pandemic, an epic and completely unprecedented fire season and every other problem that crosses his desk, I would have to wonder just how much actual responsibility you carry in your life?

I do not begrudge him one second of a hell of a party, because I have watched him briefing us for an hour or more at a time, no voice left, day after day after week and month, on probably little or no sleep and still trying to do his best to reassure and inform. And that is not even the tip of what must have been going on in his average work day this year. Not to mention that everyone at that party was likely tested prior to the event, most of them are likely tested every day. I would prefer that the person serving in his position have some time to enjoy whatever shred of normalcy he can grasp in the year that man has had.

I am not a Democrat, but I can appreciate when someone puts in effort on my and my state and country’s behalf. I find the increasingly strident partisan whining in this country to be decidedly un American. We are supposed to be the country that is capable of handling tough times, of pulling together and doing what is necessary to serve our country and the common good. We were the country that respected such efforts from our elected officials. No wonder we have so many crooks in government, when even someone who has performed to the best of their ability is treated like this. Sure, he behaved in a way he does not encourage the general public to engage in, but you are not being tested every day, are you? You would not be socializing with people who were tested every day, nor would the average person engaging in any of the behaviors that are being restricted.

Please use your head and your heart when deciding to judge others, not just some partisan attack tactic. I may not be a big fan of all of our Governor’s policies, but I can appreciate his efforts on our behalf.

I went to bed and fell asleep in America…but I woke up in communist China…

Well, perhaps you need wider sources of information. Elsewhere in Asia, those caught breaking the rules are assigned to bury the casualties. In China, when they established a lockdown, individuals leaving their homes could be shot on sight. If you equate breaking up partying to prevent spreading a disease that might kill you with the previous examples, I just have to laugh. And you call the liberals “snowflakes”!

To even suggest that a state in the united states has the right to tell adults when they have to be home is a step too close to China….and I have other names for liberals…that are more descriptive than snowflake…and you seem to fit the bill perfectly…enjoy tyranny…you sound like you are going to love it…..


Interesting article. Apparently a generation tempered by World War II and that generation’s children didn’t let a flu pandemic get in the way of sending a man to the moon, holding a vote in person presidential election, or attending Woodstock. Huh, weird….

Yes weird that people believe facebook BS over actual scientists.

From the article: ““That generation approached viruses with calm, rationality and intelligence,” he said. “We left disease mitigation to medical professionals, individuals and families, rather than politics, politicians and government.””

Instead we have the eco-chambers of covidiots following the biggest lying snowflake to ever hold office.

Oh, is there an internment camp here with 3 million Muslims, facial recognition software, a credit score based on civility? Please do not compare America to China, China is not America.

We are not comparing America to China we are comparing some democrat leaders to leaders in China…

Which illustrates a stunning lack of education in the areas of history, politics, current affairs and the various forms of government. Oh yes, and our Constitution. I would feel obliged to mention the part about “Provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare” part that I learned in grammar school. Elementary, in other words.

I have figured this site out, or at least the commenters. There is a lot of “venting” of unfounded and partisan rhetoric and other whining that would be removed from more vigilant sites. So those who want to vent congregate here. Most fact based or genuine discourse is voted down immediately.


Oh you figured it out huh?…what a laugh….

15 days to flatten the curve..

Now we learn it has morphed into a politician controlled hamster wheel our toddler Governor want us to stay on, for our own good. I don’t know about you, but I’m jumping off. This is insane.

11 Million infected fellow Americans carrying a contagious, deadly virus. All I see is whining. Did Newsome break his own rules eating out? Of course. Did Pelosi get her hair done/ Yep. did Trump expose hundreds of thousands of people to a known virus while saying it was a Hoax and it would disappear the day after the election? Yes. Did people who attended a Trump rally die? Of course.

If the people that got the virus weren’t victims of a contagious disease but victims of a violent crime from an undocumented alien, would you STILL insist that it’s a hoax? That the constitution supersedes the nations need for a secure population?

I know, I know this will probably get 47 down votes because no one has a mirror that they look into. 1/4th of a Million dead Americans and we’re whining about helping each other stay safe.


I think the real point is not that Ms Nancy or Mr Gavin “broke their own rules”. The point is, they should have never made those “rules” to begin with, since their actions PROVE they know this virus is not the emergency they are preaching to all of us. They are not cowering at home living in fear like they want us to. Even the death count attributed to Covid is admittedly inflated. I am not belittling the pain of these families. My family has had too much 2020 tragedies. However, these Covid “rules” made things so much harder. So when I see on TV 500 people, many who make these rules, go to a John Lewis’s funeral sitting shoulder to shoulder, but my family can’t have a memorial service for my Mother in her church, I was done believing any of this. It was like Al Gore leaving his fire and brimstone, world is coming to an end, speech, and then jumping on his private jet and flying away spewing his greenhouse gasses. That is not the action of someone who believes what he preaches. It is the same with Mr Gavin and Ms Nancy. Their actions prove they don’t believe the Covid emergency either. They are power greedy politicians using fear to control. Period.

Eureka! I knew it! I just knew it was those night owls in Denny’s and the others meandering into AMPM to microwave hotdogs and drink Slurpees. “Evening social gatherings where people are less likely to wear masks…” like French restaurants? Poly parties…? Take off the politician costume (if you’re able) and find some reality. I’m a mask wearin, hand washing, believer in taking precautions but this gets more outrageous by the day. They could just put out commonsenseguy’s post and call it a day (or night). I must confess there is a strong possibility I might be in another household after 10pm.

This is unenforceable and already found to be unconstitutional. I would also love to see the made up science that shows that the virus becomes more viral between 10pm & 5am, nobody believes this nonsense anymore.

“shows that the virus becomes more viral between 10pm & 5am” No one said that ever, but you can pretend that’s the nonsense if it makes you feel better.

“nobody believes this nonsense anymore.” It’s the GOP trickle down theory of election bullshit, just go read trumps tweets.

Hey SLO County, go take a flying bark at the moon!

“What about homeless people?

The order does not apply to homeless individuals.”

Now that’s hilarious. We need one more Q&A:

What about politicians?

The order does not apply to politicians.

The hypocrite Governor Newsom has spoken again, and again, and again, and again. The sky if falling. the sky is falling. What is next when this doesn’t work? This China virus will make it’s way through this county, state, nation and world as it wants. It has proven that and will continue to.

Don’t live in fear or be intimidated. Please be practical and protect yourself and loved ones as needed in a common sense way. Wear mask and other protection when needed, eat healthy, exercise, take supplements that helps your immune system,( vitamins B,C,&D) keep hydrated with water and most of all, be of good cheer and thankful for each day you have. We don’t need an arrogant dictating governor to tell us what to do. My advice to him is to practice what he preaches first.

If nothing else, per the story, say you are homeless, and all is well.

Well penned. Clear, concise, sensible. Could be the entire statement for living with Covid.