California has better COVID-19 death rates than most states

December 27, 2020


California continues to report lower coronavirus death rates per capita than the majority of states, with San Luis Obispo County’s death rate less than half the state’s rate.

While the number of new coronavirus cases surges in California, at 100.5 new daily cases per 100,000 residents it is the highest in the country, the death rate remains on the lower end at 613 per 1 million residents. To put the numbers in perspective, New Jersey is now reporting 2,111 deaths per 1 million residents.

In the United States, 340,276 people have died from COVID-19, or 1,024 per 1 million residents.

To show how the number of deaths from the pandemic in California and SLO County compares to whats occurring in other states, we’ve put together a list of the five states with the highest death rates per capita from the virus and the five states with the lowest death rates, using data from Worldometer.

California is ranked 40th for the highest death rates from the virus in the United States with 613 deaths per 1 million people. Now with 67 deaths, SLO County has a rate of 237 deaths per 1 million residents.

States with the highest coronavirus death rates

  1. New Jersey – 2,111 deaths per 1 million residents
  2. New York – 1,914 deaths per 1 million residents
  3. Massachusetts – 1,742 deaths per 1 million residents
  4. North Dakota – 1,659 deaths per 1 million residents
  5. South Dakota – 1,635 deaths per 1 million residents

States with the lowest coronavirus death rates

  • Vermont – 194 deaths per 1 million residents
  • Hawaii – 201 deaths per 1 million residents
  • Maine – 237 deaths per 1 million residents
  • Alaska – 272 deaths per 1 million residents
  • Oregon – 337 deaths per 1 million residents






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California sure is catching up recently.

All the shutdowns do is put small businesses out. The state picked winners and losers – unconstitutional – without any facts to support the closures. In fact, we’ve heard multiple times that restaurants have some of the lowest spread statistics. Gloves and washing hands incessantly is more effective than masks.

I would sure like to see just one story in the media on whether the shutdown in our state is number 1 working and number 2 necessary….

Good reporting, Karen. I wonder what the reason is?

Let’s see wearing masks, social distancing, washing hands … not blowing this disease off based on some … know nothing right wing media feed.

The per capita graph should have other tracking lines to include 70+ age and suicides per capita. The will to live, contentment, has got to be a factor too. An example would be the prairie states, where the wind blows allot, is riddled with depression.

There may be a correlation between air quality and reparatory pre-disposition?

Since the news media and politicians have never heard of confounding variables in statistics, I’m sure this has nothing to do with California’s relatively young average age and active fitness culture, and more to do with how much Newsom’s curfews and gym closures helped.

Of course we have fewer deaths than New Jersey, Massachusetts and New York, because we didn’t send infected people to nursing homes!

They got it first, and yes they didn’t know what they were doing.

But our business failure rate is much higher than the states that approached this issue with common sense and in a financially responsible way

We had CDC resources on the ground in China that could have caught this, but instead we relied on the Chinese gov’t to properly inform us.

The Federal gov’t failed to secure us. First 911 and now this. Sorry, but I have concluded that Republican lead gov’t is a mistake. This is why we are suffering and our business are closing. Put the failure on those that failed, not on those that try to clean up the mess.

Face realty right wing negative voters, incompetence is only surpassed by the callousness towards the poor. Maybe it is time to think anew!

If you look at a map of where the business failures lie you would see that it is the population centers, cities, where businesses are the most impacted. State rules didn’t affect it that much.

Remove our densely populated Cities and CA failure rate is in line with the national average. If your logic held all of CA would have about the same failure rate across all regions in the state. It does not.

S. Dakota has a population of just under 900,000 people. If their entire state got Covid they would have at most 1665 deaths as a result.

California has had 24,283 deaths already. If our entire state got Covid we would have deaths in the range of (243K – 624K) using Ca and S. Dakota current rates respectively.

Economically? S Dakota GDP- $54 Billion. CA GDP- $2.7 Trillion. Which is 50 times greater.

We have a lot more at risk than they do.

Good information, we deserve some kudos given our urban densities. New Jersey, New York, Massachusetts got hit at the beginning of the virus with a deadly variant from Italy. The Dakotas blew off social distancing, mask wearing, Sturgis Rally.