Deputies seize 92 firearms from Santa Barbara gun store operator

December 8, 2020


Santa Barbara County sheriff’s deputies seized more than 90 grams of methamphetamine and 92 firearms on Saturday from a man who operates a gun supply store.

Kyle Dodge, 36, along with his father Rick Dodge, operate Dodge City Shooters Supply in Santa Barbara.

At approximately 12:43 a.m. Saturday, deputies in the Isla Vista area noticed a Dodge Charger Hellcat peeling out in front of pedestrians near Camino Del Sur. Deputies stopped the vehicle near the intersection of Los Carneros Way and Hollister Avenue.

Deputies spoke with Kyle Dodge and searched his vehicle. The search of the vehicle netted more than 90 grams of methamphetamine and 22 firearms, 12 of which were loaded, according to the sheriff’s office.

Later Saturday, sheriff’s detectives served a warrant at Dodge’s home on Vega Drive in Goleta. Detectives seized an additional 70 firearms and about 50 containers of ammunition and magazines.

Deputies arrested Dodge and booked him in the Santa Barbara Main Jail for possession of a controlled substance while armed, possession of a silencer, possession of an assault weapon, carrying a loaded firearm in public, possession of a high capacity magazine, manufacturing a short barrel rifle, transportation of a controlled substance for sales and exhibition of speed. Each of the charges, except for the exhibition of speed count, are felonies.

Officials set Dodge’s bail at $500,000. An investigation into the case is ongoing.

In 2006, federal agents seized hundreds of firearms from Dodge City Shooters Supply, according to the Santa Barbara Independent.

An employee of the store had forged paperwork for nearly two dozen guns and sold them on the black market. Additionally, the business had been cited in 2002 for other records violations.

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Looks like this time no one will be able to dodge the charges, before getting out of ‘Dodge’.

I worked for Rick when I lived in Santa Barbara back in the 90’s. Kyle was a rotten little twit as a child, and it seems he didn’t change in the last 25 years. Rick is honest, but he has a lousy habit of stupid choices. That is the main reason I ended my working relation with him and Dodge City.

Also, the 9th Circuit this year ruled that regular capacity magazines are legal to possess, so I’m not sure why that charge was brought.

Ar15s and Meth. Sounds like The Central Coast to me. Just missing a stop the steal banner and a Jesus is King bumper sticker.

The guy should move to Oregon, then nothing he did would be illegal!!!

I don’t care about whether someone has 92 guns or not. I do care whether they are doing meth and have any guns. These guys should rot in jail.

Drugs are bad. Don’t do drugs, don’t sell drugs and don’t have anything to do with drugs. Couldn’t care less about the gun violations but kudos to law enforcement for doing thier job and taking drugs out of our communities.

This is when people start talking about the 2nd amendment….

drugs are illegal…..

His best defense may be to claim that he is a illegal alien and claim sanctuary status? This way the word illegal goes away.

Naw, becoming a citizen is expensive and takes years, Or he SHOULD say that hes a Christian and votes for Trump and cozies up to Parkinson and Dow. Meth, what meth? Oh you mean Vyvanse and Adderal, or sudafed? As long as he knows how to handle Parkinsons smoking gun, and can pretend to be religious and Republican like so many, hell be ok. Loose lips sink ships, and do so much more. Being illegal is too hard for these criminals, becoming an American takes years and thousands of dollars. These guys sell meth and guns. Meth is soooooo easy to make, Google it, look under your sink or Lowes, Bingo, no prescription needed!