Heidi Harmon eyeing longer term limits for her SLO mayor’s seat

December 14, 2020

Mayor Heidi Harmon

San Luis Obispo Mayor Heidi Harmon is wanting her fellow council members to consider changing the mayor term from two years to four years. If the council agrees, voters would make the final decision.

Of the seven cities in San Luis Obispo County, Paso Robles is the only one with a four-year term for mayor.

“I did want to just plant a seed, I guess I would say, or just start a conversation, not to start the conversation tonight,” Harmon said during council communications during the Dec. 8 SLO City Council meeting. “Two years is just too short. Elections cause too much drama and too much distraction from the role itself.”

Harmon went on to ask the council to consider putting her proposal on the 2022 ballot. None of her fellow council members commented on he proposal.

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Tom O’Malley; Republican lobbied for 4 year mayoral terms in atascadero, he served 12. All while calling Kelly Gearhart man of the year, a man whose ponzied millions of peoples retirement, his son OD on heroin in rehab. Tom also had conflict of interest real estate deals using his son in regards to the movie theater plaza to benefit him financially, and using kelly, and Fonzi, a realtor with a radicalist Husband. Mighty sell out Heidi fits right in, shes not a citizen. Shes a politician and lobbyist, like Tom and his friend Gearhart, heidi and her developers, 2 sides of the same coin folks. You call sheeple so ironically, yet some are wolves in sheeps costumes. If you boycott heidi, boycott Hill, Compton, Arnold, Hammon, Gibson,Moreno, Peschong, Marx, Parkinson, Dow OMalley, Gearhart, John Wallace, Cunningham, Firestone. Resnicks. Rid them all of our home, please, rid us of partisan and bring us a community with good soil and water and air.

Harmon got more votes last month than her three challengers combined. This wouldn’t affect her at all. Actually it’s a good idea putting the mayor on the same foot as the city council. They run for four year terms. Why not the mayor? Makes sense to me.

Sure, why not? She is already SLO’s first Omni-homeless Mayor that doesn’t live in SLO. Might as well market a Heidi Doll too, tis the season.

This is not new going back to Alan Settle’s picking up his mail at a college rental he owned on Drake Circle in SLO while living in his primary residence in rural Arroyo Grande. I say GPS ankle bracelets for all council members.

I am so happy (to say once again), that I do not live in SLO! You’ll get what you deserve. Of course I would be remiss if I did not say we have no better in AG with Caren Ray Russom! Two pees (intentional) in the same pod. Who else can be added to the pod?

I guess she realized that it’s too hard for her to accomplish anything useful in 2 years. I guess adding a few bike lanes and mandating electric stoves didn’t do much to help those 100s of SLO businesses that went under this year.

Voters: Just say NO!

anyone want to bet the chances are anything less than 100% the seed becomes law?

Well, surprise? It’s the highest paying job and longest stint of employment she has ever had. In short, it has been a good gig. BUT, the last thing we need are professional politicians. Her sorry lack of judgement and knack for constant self-promotion has made her terrible for SLO. So NO, SLO don’t enable the illness.

Isn’t she so special and sweet. Spoken like a true Socialist in power wanting to extend their control and power over the people in a subvert way. The city of San Luis Obispo gets what it deserves with this nut. I encourage businesses to move out of the city to the north or south county communities. A better class of people who will support your businesses always. No threats, blackmail, or intimidating of you or your customer’s. Let them rot on the vine in SLO.