Six people injured in crash on Highway 166 in rural SLO County

December 12, 2020

Six people suffered injuries, with one airlifted to the hospital, after a minivan drove off a cliff on Highway 166 in rural San Luis Obispo County on Saturday

Shortly after 2 p.m., the driver of a white minivan attempted to pass another vehicle, when that driver also tried to pass the vehicle in front of them, running the minivan off the highway, according to the CHP. The minivan then went down a cliff 50 feet into the riverbed near Gifford Rancho Road.

There were two adults and four children in the minivan. Two people suffered major injuries, one person suffered moderate injuries and three suffered minor injuries, according to Cal Fire.

Following the collision, a Calstar helicopter airlifted one individual to Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital.

California Highway Patrol officers are investigating the accident.

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Omg I almost drove off a cliff one time it was pretty bad and funny….i thought oh f*** this is going hurt and then I didint go over the edge.

As tempting as it is, never ever pass two vehicles at the same time!

166 was bad enough in the old days, with it twisting around the canyons and being too narrow for most vehicles, it was almost suicidal to attempt a pass.

Now, since they straightened it out and made it wider, people ARE suicidal while passing at higher speeds than ever before!

There is no cure for dumb drivers. Well, there is, but it hurts.

Yes, some people drive too fast but others drive too slow but also try to stop others from passing. Pro tip: if someone is trying to pass you, let them, even if you think they are driving too fast! It’s not your job to play policeman.