How does Gov. Newson’s controversial stay-at-home order impact SLO County?

December 4, 2020

Gov. Gavin Newsom


Gov. Gavin Newsom issued a stay-at-home order on Thursday that breaks the state into five regions that appear to have manipulated boundaries and will likely financially damage businesses in San Luis Obispo County because of cornavirus outbreaks in Southern California.

The new stay-at-home rules are triggered when a region’s ICU hospital capacity falls below 15%. Then for three weeks, most people are required to stay in their homes as much as possible.

The new rules include the closures of hair and nail salons, outdoor and indoor dining at restaurants, movie theaters, wineries, playgrounds and bars. Additionally, retail store are restricted to 20 percent occupancy and offices must operate remotely.

Newsom has divided the state into five irregular and uneven regions: Northern California, Greater Sacramento, Bay Area, San Joaquin Valley and Southern California. San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara counties are in the Southern California region.

Of the 39.78 million people who live in California, Newsom’s office placed more than half, 22.99 million, in the Southern California region, according to U.S. Census bureau numbers. The five counties with the highest numbers of coronavirus cases are all located in the Southern California region.

As a result, even though San Luis Obispo County has only one coronavirus patient currently in the ICU, and 84% available ICU capacity, the county will likely fall under the stringent stay-at-home order because of a large number of coronavirs patients in hospitals in Los Angeles, San Bernardino and Riverside counties.

In contrast, there are only 2.94 million people living in the Greater Sacramento region.

Sacramento County, where Gov. Newsom resides, currently ranks seventh for the most coronavirus cases in the state. Even so, as three of the counties in the Greater Sacramento region currently have five active cases or less, those counties will help temper Sacramento County’s numbers.

There are no regions currently impacted by the stay-at-home order, but projections show four of the regions dropping below 15% ICU capacity in the next few days. The Bay Area is projected to cross the threshold later this month.

State Assemblyman Jordan Cunningham is calling for Gov. Newsom to “alter this nonsensical regional map to better take into account our area’s unique situation and hospital bed capacity.”

“The governor’s most recent order, which will lead to a lockdown of San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara counties, is arbitrary, irrational, and bordering on punitive,” Cunningham said in a press release. “As of now, we have plenty of hospital and ICU capacity here on the Central Coast. We cannot be shutting down local businesses — many of which have spent tens of thousands of dollars to retrofit their operation in order to comply with yesterday’s public health orders — because of limited ICU capacity in counties hundreds of miles from our community.”

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Dude still uses hair gel…enough said

He strikes me as a 1970’s game show host.

Once again the people with ZERO experience with work and making a living in the private sector (translation: don’t have a clue) blindly suck yet more life out of people.

Then of course when thousands are out of business and many more thousands are out of a job, they’ll raise the gas tax, work their tails off to destroy Prop 13, and come up with mindless ways to steal more money for themselves. You watch, the marketing campaign will be a feast of lunacy. Like the Saxons vs the Normans in the 1938 film Robin Hood with Errol Flynn. One more thing, I must confess I was out past ten pm last nite.

According to the County’s own Covid website ( ,we currently have a 3.8% positivity rate, and are using 1.8% of our ICU capacity, and 2.7% of our total hospital beds. If anything, we should be in Tier 3. There is no way we should be lumped in with Los Angeles! What possible reason could the Governor have to ruin what’s left of our economy? And why aren’t our elected officials standing up to him?

We are back to this draconian policy of one size fits all. In March we were told we need to obey these orders based on “scientific projections” by the experts. After 9 months they have had plenty of time to collect relevant data to show us the risk rate in restaurants, small businesses, and schools and justify why they should be shutdown. Why haven’t they spent this time increasing hospital and ICU capacity in the most affective areas and been prepared to handle these surges specific to these areas. Explain to us why SLO County is being punished for what is going on in LA.

wouldn’t it make more sense to align with state assembly or congressional districts? also, i’m seeing everyone in masks, so if they’re so effective, how is the virus spreading, or are they only effective in malls, but not in restaurants?

Make sense? Well of course…it makes perfect sense. By now we should ALL know that’s the last thing the pin heads in Sac use in making decision.

I’m sure that once LA fills too many hospitals and SLO county has to lock down in punishment for that, our covid numbers will drop by at least a person or two a week.

That is, unless our numbers increase because people are forced to gather in secret indoors inside their houses.

Wouldn’t it make more sense if it was by state assembly or congressional district?

The more dependent people are on government the easier it is to push a socialist agenda. These restrictions, which have not worked, economically crush the poor even further and will give politicians all of the ammunition they need to go after the “rich”. Disgusting.

This guy Newsom is in it for himself and his auntie Pelosi and Feinstein. They can do whatever they want and still close us down. I can’t believe people still support this idiot. Recall Newsome and get Pelosi and Feinstein out of their career jobs as politicians. They work for us! Stop being suckers and sheeple.

KB, we’re on the losing end here the next generations coming up just vote for the dork in office with out any research to see what they’ve done, even if they vote at all, I’m really suprised that Cunningham got reelected and the voting public didn’t put Addias in, she would have been as useless as the rest of the trough feeders we have in there, they put Harmful back in office, I’d like to see a breakdown of the voters that voted her back in. It is going to be extreamly hard to get the watch fob to sway back towards center again, with the two fools that are heading to the White house it will just get worse.

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