New Solvang City Council reverses order, votes to abide by stay at home order

December 16, 2020

A week after the outgoing Solvang City Council voted unanimously to sidestep California Gov. Gavin Newsom’s stay-at-home order, a new council majority is backtracking on efforts to keep businesses operating in defiance of public health mandates. [KSBY]

Last week, the Solvang City Council voted 5-0 during an emergency meeting to not abide by the governor’s stay-at-home order. The council vote called for city staff to preserve outdoor dining by repurposing seating outside restaurants as spaces for public use.

The outgoing council also called for maintaining other measures that have allowed businesses to stay open while operating safely. Additionally, the council voted in support of Santa Barbara County potentially leaving the Southern California region and, along with San Luis Obispo and Ventura counties, creating a Central Coast region.

Outgoing Mayor Ryan Toussaint made the motion that led to the unanimous vote to ignore the stay-at-home order.

Then on Monday, a new mayor replaced Toussaint and two new council members were sworn in, as well. The new council majority is urging businesses and residents to comply with the rules set by Newsom’s stay-at-home order.

New Mayor Charlie Uhrig said choosing to not abide by the regional stay-at-home order was not a good decision. Uhrig also said he applauds businesses and restaurants that abide by the rules.

Last week, public officials warned businesses in Solvang they could face citations of up to $5,000 and could have their licenses revoked for up to one year for not complying with coronavirus rules.

City Manager Xenia Bradford, who formerly served as the city of San Luis Obispo’s finance director, said during Monday’s council meeting that disobeying public health guidelines could also disqualify Solvang from receiving aid, should the state or federal government offer relief funds.

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Paso_citizen (PC) throws around the term “financial well-being of a few restaurants” as though it is nothing or near nothing. Actually, it is another term for the financial well-being of many employees, small business owners, families, possibly even extended families and employees of same (gardeners, housekeepers, child care providers, etc.). The draconian, politically advantageous dictates of California’s king (if actually followed and enforced) will destroy many many lives. PC really means “the feeling here” (in piso_chitizen’s mind) “is that the financial well-being of” many people “is not important” as long as it does not affect me and mine. PC must work for the government and gets a paycheck no matter what.

I think scott_giles is being sarcastic, and doesn’t deserve the beating he is taking. However, when real life approaches sarcasm (as is happening today), it is hard to tell the difference.

Ouch! Seems as though I may have rubbed a little too much salt in an open wound.

Let me try again – I have absolutely no problem with restaurants staying open; my issue is with the ones that want to go on as if there is no problem – by serving diners inside. Take out and delivery methods can be used. It has been proven (at least the way I read the data) that many people can have the virus without showing any symptoms and can pass this along to others without ever knowing it.

That, to me, is the biggest risk being taken by those who choose to carry on as if nothing is wrong. Innocent people that come into contact with a contagious person that shows no symptoms is not OK and is avoidable.

Yes, many people and many businesses have, are now, and will suffer greatly from this virus. But you seem to be making the argument that keeping restaurants open and serving has a huge ripple effect on many, many others.

Well, I am sorry about that; but if that is as true as you feel; then may I suggest that is a fault of us, as a city, that has based a large part of our existence in this area.

When you put most of your eggs in one basket, you take the risk of breaking a lot of eggs when the basket falls.

As for me, I will not eat at any restaurant in the downtown area. And I will take note of those establishments that carry on as if there is no problem – and will not do any business with them when, and if, things get to sort of ‘normal’. They will have shown that they do not care and have not earned my business.

And lastly, look at the following comment from ‘commonsenseguy’ and re-read the last paragraph of the original story. The financial success of any one business, or its ripple effect, can not take priority over the well-being and health of the overall population. If so, then what have we become as a people?

Their decision was more about not losing potential relief funds from the state or federal government(our tax dollars)than really caring about the health of the community. Read the last paragraph again. It’s the genesis of their decision.

Totally Agree, Politicians of all types have no qualms about spending our money in the most inefficient ways possible.

Ya that seems to be senseable paso_citizen.

Finally, some sensible people in Slovang. Now if Paso Robles City Council could catch this same common sense maybe this city could also see the wisdom in abiding by such recommendations from state. But as it currently stands, the feeling here is that the financial well-being of a few restaurants is more important than the health of the citizens.

I believe the state needs to come down – hard and heavy – on any business or city that refuses to take this pandemic seriously.

Agreed Paso_, but you have John Hammons and Cunninghams and Dows fanning the flames of conspiracy, oddly they preach pro life yet; spread anti science and anti democratic rhetoric, causing Covid death, Hammon continues to spread false narratives at council meetings, people acting out like some southern secessionist, or being radical nationalists guided by bias radicalized Christian ideology. Until someone like the Martin, Fred or Marie call John on his Macho Ego and psychotic ideology, using this whole Trump crap to his advantage, Paso will continue to see insane case counts and now deaths over 5 a day in this county. Yet, they continue to develop massive housing projects, super resorts, etc.