California orders 5,000 body bags and refrigeration trucks on standby

December 16, 2020

Gov. Gavin Newsom

Gov. Gavin Newsom announced Tuesday the state had ordered 5,000 more body bags and placed dozens of refrigerated trucks on standby as the state set a record for daily deaths from the coronavirus.

On Tuesday, 290 people in California died from the coronavirus. The seven day average daily death toll went from 41 on Nov. 15 to 173 on Dec. 15.

The 5,000 newly purchased body bags are being distributed primarily to Los Angeles and San Diego counties. As of Tuesday evening, 8,431 individuals in Los Angelos County have died from the coronavirus and 1,194 in San Diego County.

In addition, the state has placed dozens of refrigerated storage units on standby.

“This is a deadly disease, and we need to be mindful of where we are,” Newsom said. “We are not at the finish line yet.”

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It is flu season. Suddenly no one is talking about the flu. All illnesses are Covid suddenly.

Why don’t we clarify number of flu and number of Covid cases. Something is wrong here.

The only thing wrong here is your questioning. They built the Poly ward earlier this year, the only people who said it was unnecessary have their heads up their a**holes. People still die, but guess what, its triggered by Covid. Not influenza, not old age, not Diabetes, not HIV, not Lupus, COVID. dear God, every damn agency is saying what im saying, what they have been saying, unless people are too damn stupid to read several news sources, or took a Tax dodging draft dogdging Psychopath like Trump seriously as if he was Christ, or they’re literally MMPI crazy. As for John Hammon and Trump, MMPI insane, the devil, Satan, Egomaniacal, idk, you be the judge. Cunningham too, for his Covidenial. GUESS WHAT SHEEPLE, your fire dept, police, ems and Hospital will have no staff, Welcome to the third world, and it might sound nuts, naysayers of science, ethics and democracy deserve to suffer in the ignorance. Revelations. Just wait, everyone will suffer a life changing loss sooner vs later. What’s wrong is America has failed to properly educate its masses with any civil education as to where you have Conspiracy hermunculi psychopaths ruling the land Hitler style. John Hammon literally spit in our fire chiefs face, denying the case count like an Asshole, then the chief saying there are so many sick Paso Fire WE CANT OPERATE GOD DAMNIT, No fire, NO EMS!. THANKS JOHN HAMMON, THANKS KEITH GURNEE. THANKS IAN, THANKS DOW, FOR OUR DEATHS.

Boy oh boy, settle down there, not good for your blood pressure. May I suggest taking a long, brisk walk.

All of this will pass.

How much longer before Newsom calls to ask for one of those Navy ships to anchor off the coast?

I’m guessing he doesn’t have the guts to make that call again.

12/17/20 We have 35 COVID hospitalized with 10 in ICU, 19 ICU beds remain available.

C stands for COVID in hospital not in ICU; B is ICU bed available



More C’s than B’s

BAD in Trumpspeak

That is a great bed count if we can keep it.

As of now Sourhern California is out of ICU beds. We are in the Southern California Covid region. Why were we put there? Hmmmmmm. That may be worth wondering about. How long do you think it will take before those beds are full in SLO County? Cottage hospital in SB is full I hear.

They probably will ship in the sickest from these areas for care soon as is standard protocol. I am not saying we should refuse to do so either. But the bigger point is we can’t escape it here in SLO no matter how much we try and tell ourselves otherwise. We are entering the danger zone when we, as a state, run out of hospital ICU capacity, which is soon.

Thank you for your informed posts.

More democrat theatrics I presume….

Pretty gruesome from Newsom. He should keep that information under wraps. What’s the point in sharing that news other than to instill more fear and hopelessness on everyone. Poor choice by a very poor leader. Maybe he’s positioning himself to receive an Emmy like Cuomo in New York after failing to lead his state that has led to 40,000 deaths. Their neck-in-neck down the stretch to see who has the bigger ego. They both should be advised that a big mouth doesn’t make a big man.

So your position is that you prefer your government to lie to you?

Why should he share it you ask? Well #1 it is the truth. It is easily verifiable. We deserve the truth from our government.

Secondly, yes fear would be the point. It is the number 1 motivator in humans, or animals for that fact.

Did you need to get burned more than once on the stove as a child? Or did the fear of repeating a painful experience force you to learn and alter your behavior?

Common sense would say fear is a great motivator.

SB is now at 100% capacity at Cottage Hospital. Maybe we should be a bit fearful.

So your position is that you prefer your government to lie to you?”

This isn’t about lying. This is about Newsom not needing to advertise this reality, which he is doing so for political gain.

A lie by omission is a lie. There was a public health gain to the release of this information, but no political gain was had.

I don’t believe there’s any preference or reference in my comment that I want our government to lie. Point it out to me if it’s there. The unfortunate truth and fact of the matter is, yes, they do lie to us at all levels when it’s convenient to promoting a wanted narrative or result. None are exempt. I think even you would agree with that.

As for the body bags, as the head of our state government, shouldn’t there already be a stockpile of these around the state? Is this not earthquake country? Are we not always on the doorstep of mass casualties? Is he not prepared? Did he just hear a China virus surge was coming in the fall? Shouldn’t each county have a stockpile as well? The truth is, shouldn’t he be leading the counties of this state in preparedness?

Fear is a great intimidator not a motivator. For Newsom to be a motivator means he would have to lead by example which hasn’t. Look no than the restrictions he gladly imposed on us, but did not follow himself. Truth and motivation is not part of his character.

I would agree with your statement “We deserve truth from our government”, but that horse left the barn a long time ago, and that’s also easily verifiable. Again, look no further than Newsom.

Really! Fear is not a motivator? Consider that the next time you face a grizzly bear in the woods – I guess you would possibly have some fear, but would be so intimidated – you would just freeze in place.

Yes, politicians lie to us all the time – that is part of their nature. But there are lies and there are LIES. From many of your comments – I conclude you are a great fan of the egotistical man-child who is the current POTUS (only for about 40 more days). He intentionally LIED to us last February about this virus and has been lying ever since.

This country would not in this big mess if we had been told the truth and were shown by our government on what steps to take – masks, etc. He did strictly for his own gain; but it backfired and we will soon have a different POTUS.

I am not saying that Biden has all the answers or will not make mistakes – but

he will bring some degree of sanity.

When I go into the woods where there are grizzly bears I take the proper protection. We should all have a respectful and healthy fear of wild animals that can harm us. There are different kinds of fear. The way Newsom and others use it is absolutely to intimidate and control through fear.

Sad to see there are so many like yourself who are okay with politicians and other’s who lie because it’s part of their nature. No lies by politicians are acceptable rather it’s Trump, Hussein Obama, Biden, or each of the habitual liars like Bill and Hillary Clinton. Unfortunately, they all are proficient at it. Morality for all of them is gone.

I wear a mask as and when it’s needed. I am practical about protecting myself and other’s and will continue to be. Most people have for the most part since March and the China virus continues to have its way.

As for Biden, I could care less about him.

Did Newsom order the bags from the same Chinese company he ordered masks from, if so that should be interesting. Maybe the French Laundry has some extra freezer space that can be used if needed.

Good grief.

Its called theatrics….

More political gotchas … yawn

Just do it, don’t “announce” it. Being ruled by a guy who probably can’t even change a tire is embarrassing enough.

I wonder if there are not enough morticians?

I wonder if there is not enough money to pay the morticians?

I wonder if there are not enough burial plots?

I wonder if the covid bodies are contagious?

I wonder


…about zombies?

Just a guess.

I suppose the more that die with covid now, the less we’ll have to deal with later if Cov2 mutates into the T-virus..

So we talk about body bags and the new expensive drugs to be deployed. I suspect after the money has been spent we’ll be taking about other remedies that already exist but have been hushed for the COVID plan. What was that last drug for malaria that was squelched and now it’s ok? Oh, what about that drug for parasites in animals that is cheap, ok for people and stopped sars? Just asking

You are obviously talking about hydroxychloroquine. It was studied numerous times and it didn’t pan out. That’s the point of peer-reviewed studies. Any researcher would love to be the one to prove it works and the evidence just wasn’t there. There is no conspiracy here, despite it being a great soundbite for know-nothing politicians.

Not so fast paragon, the evidence regarding hydrox. efficacy is mixed . I know if two people , personally, who used it off label, with a prescription, and they “claim” that it helped.

There are at least a few more formal studies that indicate it MAY be helpful, and some that don’t. Moreover there are hundreds of examples of individual off-label uses with success. Somewhat anecdotal perhaps but shouldn’t be discounted.

I know that it is the thing to discount the drug simply because Trump made it popular. There might be some benefit to its use and I for one am not willing to entrust my health to TV and newspaper pundits and personalities with their communications degrees, who are driven by a hatred for the president. The scientific method prescribes rigorous testing of a hypothesis and from what I’ve read that hasn’t been completed, the jury is still out. Please refrain from politicizing science.

It was TV doctors, idiot CEOs like Elon and Oracles ceo, and news pundits that have convinced you Derasmus it works and for even talking about this Fake Covid drug that is needed by people who have Lupus or Malaria, not for regular idiots. So stop listening to rich jerks who deny science for political and financial gain for some Pharma company.

Yes, and some , not all, of those “TV doctors” have been proven wrong.

derasmus, 57.8% of the County voted for candidates other than Trump, a failed incumbent President. I believe it is safe to say a majority of citizens in San Luis Obispo County hate Trump.

Hey Mazin, I’m not concerned that much about how SLO County and the entirety of the west coast elite demographic voted. No supervise there, I expected as much. Just look at how Conrad Harmon was successful in her mayoral bid.

This was a national election wherein nearly 74 million voters feel something is suspicious about this election, and the cozy relationship between the national Democratic Party and the media, including Silicon Valley, smells really bad. Just think about the concerted effort to bury what appears to be a quid-pro quo between the Biden family and the CCP. What about the ongoing DOJ investigation into Hunter Biden’s shenanigans making deals abroad with the family name? This is not Fox News fabrication, it’s happening.

“Come on man…”

Yes Mazin, I am worried about my country.

“I’m not concerned…about how SLO County and the entirety of the west coast elite demographic voted.”

As a citizen of THIS County, thanks. We are your neighbors. Is that what you think of us? Why do you live here with all these people you’re not concern with? Assuming you really live here.

Speaking as a veteran, a former US soldier, and son of one, I am mostly worried about the big picture, the USA. If you don’t get that I can’t be worried about explaining why swearing an oath to defend the US Constitution.. is just a corny or jingoistic image to your woke sensibilities…

I know it’s hard to fathom for some but San Luis Obispo County is not the center of the universe.

I expect the coast to always vote for the cancel culture left. That’s just the way it is, I don’t like it but I accept it as a reality given the state of our country’s current demographics

“Just the way it is”

Here we go again. You claim “74 million voters feel something is suspicious about this election” but that is completely false. The majority of people who voted for the loser in the election realize they bet on the loser and over 5 million more Americans backed the other guy. In the 2016 election, the majority of voters backed Clinton, so what should we conclude from that? Also what about the cozy relationship between FoxNews and NewsMax with Trump? Doesn’t that smell just as bad?

Ironic that you say “not so fast” while rushing to a conclusion based on some small non-scientific conclusion from “two people you know”. I don’t care if some politician who also advocated injected bleach liked or disliked it, that doesn’t matter to me. You are the one politicizing science. What does matter to me is studies that meet the accepted research standards, not “my buddy’s friend’s wife’s brother said it cured him of covid”. Also, interesting my comment had over 20 likes for days and then within a few hours mysteriously got downvoted from +20 to -21. There was apparently was a suspicous midnight vote dump! FRAUD! ;)

Yeah, probably Putin and those darn Russians.

Hey Paragon, please re-read my comments. I said some of the studies and data is mixed. Perhaps not that many of them (and I’m not gonna go look them up for you) that don’t agree with findings that hydrox, is not an acceptable off-label therapy. And yes, there is some anecdotal evidence as well.

Like most people I only know what I read or hear from those I know personally. I am not an MD, or virologist or pharmacist, are you?

I’m not jumping to conclusions. A better question would have been, would I take it if I came down with COVID, and my answer is “I don’t know, it would depend on conversations with my Dr. and others.

Again, I am not jumping to conclusions so please stop misrepresenting what I said because you don’t like Trump, or Republicans or whatever bur is in you saddle. Trump lost, Heidi is mayor, Christmas came early for you so you should be relieved.

So stay safe, wear a mask (when it is warranted) and and keep your distance from people you don’t hang with.

Merry Christmas and best wishes for the New Year!