Drunken, angry man allegedly smashes restaurant window in SLO

January 23, 2021


An allegedly intoxicated man smashed the window of Old San Luis BBQ in downtown San Luis Obispo on Friday. The restaurant then posted photos of the broken window on Instagram.

“When you kindly tell the man smoking and drinking in front of your restaurant that he needs to move his party elsewhere… How’s your day going so far??” Old San Luis BBQ stated in the Instagram post.

The Tribune reports a homeless man was sitting on a bench in front of the restaurant with a gas can. The man was smoking and drinking vodka.

Twice, the Old San Luis BBQ manager asked the man to move and told him, if he did not, the restaurant would call the police.

After the warning, the man became volatile and started yelling, cursing and thrashing against the business. The man banged on the window with his fist, then head-butted it. His fist then went through the window, shattering the glass.

Medics treated the man at the scene before officers took him to jail.

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Downtown is a mess thanks to our hands-off policy . There have been numerous cars stolen from local business owners, many stores have been broken into and the police don’t even bother to come when called. At nearly $100,000 a year starting salary with benefits they should be all over this! But we have a city council whose policy is to “help” the homeless by proving free showers, free meals, allowing camping wherever. These are not local homeless people, Many of them are ex-cons let out of CMC – have you noticed how many are old white guys? Many of these are dangerous criminals who pled to a lesser charge, now they are out because, according to their conviction, they aren’t so bad. There are also drug addicts who need to steal to feed their habit. Our crime rate is out of control. But at least we will have a diverse workforce at city hall.

Oh,lardy, the sky is fallin’!

This whole event is not just owned by the self-loving Harmon, but by the City Council who has just sauntered down a rainbow pathway, while the obvious, really hard issues to solve are being given lip service. Kick them out of the creek or Bob Jones trail, then they go downtown or into the neighborhoods. In fact, the crazy voter majority in SLO town elects these folk, so in my book, lots of blame to go around. Meanwhile, good alternatives are being ignored.

Last month, after living in SLO county since the sixties, our family moved out of state and couldn’t be happier. Between the shuttered businesses, agressive transients and overall vibe of the area, downtown is unrecognizable from it’s former self.

The day before the move, I visited downtown for the last time just to walk around and conjure up some fond memories. The dozens of concerts at the Fremont. Hundreds of visits to Farmer’s Market. Shopping for clothing at Beno’s. All of the amazing restaurants, most of which are gone.

Before getting in my car to leave, the last thing I saw was a transient urinating on Woodstock Pizza’s wall.

A fitting final image of current SLO. Thanks Heidi. Thanks Tiana. Thanks Cal Poly student voters. Without all of you, we wouldn’t be loving our new home.

Good riddance! Thanks for freeing up some space for the locals who still appreciate this place.

Where did you move to? I’m on my way!

What the pandemic doesn’t destroy of downtown, the bums will. It’s absolutely disgusting, unsafe, and a slap in the face of all business owners.

I’m going to try their Tri Tip and what an awesome beer line up.