Drunken, angry man allegedly smashes restaurant window in SLO

January 23, 2021


An allegedly intoxicated man smashed the window of Old San Luis BBQ in downtown San Luis Obispo on Friday. The restaurant then posted photos of the broken window on Instagram.

“When you kindly tell the man smoking and drinking in front of your restaurant that he needs to move his party elsewhere… How’s your day going so far??” Old San Luis BBQ stated in the Instagram post.

The Tribune reports a homeless man was sitting on a bench in front of the restaurant with a gas can. The man was smoking and drinking vodka.

Twice, the Old San Luis BBQ manager asked the man to move and told him, if he did not, the restaurant would call the police.

After the warning, the man became volatile and started yelling, cursing and thrashing against the business. The man banged on the window with his fist, then head-butted it. His fist then went through the window, shattering the glass.

Medics treated the man at the scene before officers took him to jail.

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I pass through SLO everyday and refuse to stop and spend my money because of their policies. Used to be the happiest town,.

I would have titled the article, “Homeless man arrested for vandalizing restaurant.”

He’s already out and back downtown. You can arrest him again with the same result. Locals just do not go downtown anymore. I can walk downtown from my house, I don’t. No more Woodstock’s, Firestone Grill, Novo, or Big Sky Cafe. Mitchell Park is one block from my parent’s house. I don’t go there either. The only time the homeless don’t dominate the park is when the SLO Progressives take it over for one of their events. Heidi Harmon needs to go back to wherever the f**k she came from, and like the homeless it sure as hell wasn’t here, and get a real job.

Gee, we need to be spending more money to house these people.and less to lock them up.

Gee, we need to be spending more money to lock these people up, not to house them.

Have him picked up and given a ride to Mayor Harmons house, it’s the city she created.

It’s my understanding she lives in a trailer.

She can live in a trailer, a room in a house, or a mansion. She cannot demand a full-time salary as mayor as her sole employment. This is what she is trying to do.

Correct, she campaigned for this voluntary if elected post. She did not get vetted through human resources or selected by the City Counsel for this position. The County Planning Commissioners get stipend for each meeting something the City Counsel may consider if not the current arrangement for the Mayor’s “required” meetings. Public employees get a thorough background check and subjected to extensive hiring requirements. I would suggest that the worthiness of a fulltime Mayor Staff position be subjected to the at will hiring standards, the anybody’s guess through and election process may be what is being challenged?

And he was immediately let out of jail without bail to go terrorize another business…

This behavior-consequence relationship will continue as log as the courts continue to judge for the re-distribution of wealth. I’d like to believe this is going to get better but not until the public knows that there are severe consequence for hostile behavior, for everyone.

I’m sure Matt has it fixed. One darn thing after another huh Matt!

Nope, we don’t have a homeless problem in SLO. Move along, nothing to see.

What I’m lovin’ is the new 5.2 million dollar trail and bridge behind the CHP facility on California Blvd. Already a homeless camp with occasional fires, it now has better access, 5.2 million worth, to downtown. Just like the Bob Jones Trail, great idea and maybe worth 10 million as envisioned but nobody wants to use it. And those of us who live on the homeless highways can’t leave anything outside, our quality of life is destroyed, and we no longer annoy the police because we know just as they do that they cannot do anything. Just lovely. Thank you Heidi!