San Simeon CSD manager’s PPP payout raises questions

January 22, 2021

San Simeon Manager Charles Grace


San Simeon Community Services District Manager Charles Grace took two payments totaling more than $200,000 in the first round of Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) money. But the workers he claimed in one program application were contractors and not employees and not supposed to be eligible.

One of Grace’s applications lists Grace Environmental Services, LLC, as the company seeking funds. The other lists Grace Environmental Services. Both of the companies had the same private address in Thousand Oaks, as the business address.

In the two applications, Grace claimed that each company had seven employees.

On July 27, the SBA approved $101,000 in PPP funds for Grace Environmental Services LLC. In his application, Grace listed the business as a sole proprietorship.

On Aug. 7, the SBA approved $104,286 in PPP funds for Grace Environmental Services. In this application, Grace listed the business type as self-employed individuals.

The primary purpose of PPP loans is to help businesses retain their existing staff. Businesses who use the funds legitimately may be eligible for 100 percent forgiveness.

After discovering Grace’s two first round PPP loans, activist Julie Tacker reported the issue to the U.S Office of the Inspector General. They have not yet responded.

“These are essential workers and were not at risk of losing their jobs,” Tacker said. “Grace has previously misrepresented the facts in grant applications and I am not surprised he would play with the facts again.”

Neither Grace nor the San Simeon CSD Board responded to questions regarding the PPP loans nor their practice of using contract employees to run a government office.

CalCoastNews is scouring PPP money reports. If you have any information on possible issues with PPP loans, please contact Karen Velie at (805) 234-1703 or

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This is another example that shows that government has no idea where the money they get from tax’s goes and they keep saying we have to get this money out now to help the people but they never get it to the people who need it. It’s not their money so they don’t give a damn if the people who need it get it. I’m sure the prisoners who got thousands will also get more.

It looks like Charles Grace knows where the money is going, to companies he, family or friends have financial interest in. It’s the government way.

Maybe chalk this up with all the state prisoners that got unemployment benefits payments…

Is it me or does anyone else know of local business owners buying vacation homes, boats, and cars after the first PPP program? Pay employees with PPP loan while regular billing and invoicing receipts……………..nevermind.

Another government program being abused.

Thanks again to Julie Tacker, and CCN for reporting on this.

The plot thickens…

It appears and sounds very fraudulent, shady, and illegal. Sure seems like a lot funds for such a small service district. Interesting to see where it leads.

Not much different than Governor Newsom’s companies receiving larger than normal Covid money, you can bet nothing will happen there either.

A privileged elitist like his Aunt Nancy. Do as they say, not as they do. Hypocrisy of the highest.

Wow just WOW, In a privately owned business this would definatley put an employee on at least suspension without pay .Grace has committed numerous crimes seems to parallel Wallace’s actions .At every corner we are seeing public employees fleecing the system , it is impossible for his co-workers to not know this has been going on they should be charged as accomplices just as Wallace’s co- workers should have