SLO County’s vaccination sites opened Monday for people over 75

January 18, 2021

Daniel Blackburn

It’s an exciting time for people 75 and above as the county officially opened vaccination sites in Paso Robles and San Luis Obispo on Monday morning. CalCoastNews co-founder Daniel Blackburn was one of the first members of the public to receive a vaccination in the latest rollout.

“The Paso Robles operation was well-organized; a line of cordial folks waited for a very brief time before entering the fairground’s County Building,” Blackburn said. “Taped arrows on the floor guided us around, where we were checked for a variety of things at various points.

“I asked a firefighter to take the photo. Being an old guy, as I am, has its advantages,” Blackburn added. “Next shot in four weeks. Breathing easy.”

Residents over 75 can book appointments at ReadySLO. While limited appointments next week are currently taken, there will be more available on Thursday.

There are two vaccine clinics in SLO County: 2156 Sierra Way in San Luis Obispo and the Paso Robles Event Center at 2198 Riverside Avenue in Paso Robles.

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I hear California is bringing up the rear in getting its citizens vaccinated…Why?…we have all the resources to provide vaccines in a timely fashion….so what is the hang up?…and why not do a news story on it?….I guess Newsome gave the vaccinators the MLK day off….can you imagine how woke you would have to be to do such a thing?….I don’t get it…

There is probably no story about no MLK day vaccinations because it is not true. My 89 year old mom was vaccinated at a Kaiser hospital on Monday afternoon. She received the Pfizer vaccine. She said that they were using the Moderna vaccine in the morning, but that they ran out.

If you are going to criticize Newsome, go ahead I have zero issues with that, but at least stick to something that has a thread of truth.

Nice to see people being vaccinated in SLO county.

“Down” votes? Must be a few anti-vaxxers in town.