State determines Cal Poly lecturer’s claim of racial profiling is unfounded

January 26, 2021

In response to a lecturer’s claim that Cal Poly San Luis Obispo police officers had racially profiled him during a traffic stop in July, the California Attorney General’s Office mounted an investigation that determined the allegation was unfounded. [Tribune]

In July, an officer pulled over former Cal Poly lecturer Sarder Sadique, who allegedly pulled out in front of the officer’s cruiser. Sadique, a Canadian citizen who was born in Bangladesh, later claimed the officer pulled him over because of the color of his skin, and then did not tell him why he was being detained.

The Cal Poly faculty union then repeated the claim of racial profiling leading the state to review videos of the incident, which did not support Sadique’s allegations.

Sarder Sadique

After he was pulled over, Officer Thomas McNutt informed Sadique why he pulled him over. Sadique then provided officers a suspended New York driver’s license. Driving on a suspended license is a misdemeanor in California.

Officer McNutt asked Sadique to stop pulling his arms away as he searched the lecturer him for weapons. But Sadique continued, and the officer handcuffed him.

With a thick accent, Sadique attempted to explain he also had a Canadian driver’s license, but said he had Canadian driver’s lessons. After determining he did have a Canadian license, the officers released him less than 40 minutes after he was pulled over.

In July 2020, Cal Poly informed the lecturer his one year contract would not be renewed. Sadique then moved to New York because of the cost of living in SLO County. He is now asking the university to allow him to teach at least two units so he can stay in the United States through an employment visa.

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I wonder what subject he taught? Anyone know?

Hope it wasn’t Political Science. Social Science, or History.

Let me get this straight . . . this gentleman’s job is giving lectures to college students . . . in English?

Lets been done with this lying fool and kick him back to Canada. Maybe he could take all of the Cal Poly Fascist Faculty Union fools with him. Driving on a suspended license, resisting the officer and then claiming he was racially profiled. Somebody trained him well. Probably his fellow bigoted and fascist Faculty Union. Another black mark on this failing university. He isn’t worthy of any position.

He should be made to pay attorney fees, and any other cost along with a public letter of apology to Officer Thomas McNutt and the Cal Poly Police Department. After all, he lied and made a false accusation that was proven as such. Don’t let the border gate hit you on the way back to Canada Sarder the liar.

Can’t we find an American citizen who is qualified to teach whatever classes he had? Also, a clear command of the English language should be a prerequisite to any teaching job at any level. This is “diversity” run amok.

Based upon the case of Terry v. Ohio the officer was well within his/her right to detain and search the subject for weapons and determine his identification. This was upheld by the USSC. The subject’s actions clearly determined and directed the officer’s actions. Simply lesson. Cooperate with a lawful detention and search. If you feel wronged, fIle a complaint and allow your act of government redress to assume its course.

Gary Joralemon

Why would the officer check him for weapons just because he was driving on a suspended license? I’ve never been checked for weapons after being pulled over—hasn’t happened often, but I would sure remember it. Of course, I’m a white man, and have never had an officer do more than just give me a ticket.

You drive on a suspended license?

Do you pull out right in front of police cruisers?

Buhbye Sadique you race bating fool, enjoy your trip home to Canada.

Maybe he should attend a lecture or two on personal responsibility and the blame game.

If you make a claim and it proves to be untrue you should be responsible to pay the cost of the investigation and pay an amount to the party to whom you claimed injured you.


His passport should also be stamped “NRAE” — No Re-admittance Allowed, Ever.

I vote no on the employment.