California to pay for hotel rooms for migrants seeking asylum

February 28, 2021

The U.S.-Mexico border from Tijuana. Photo by Josh Friedman


California officials plan to allocate as much as $28 million in state funds toward providing hotel rooms and other services to migrants arriving from Mexico as they await court hearings in the United States. [KTLA]

The funds are expected to last through June and to pay for asylum seekers quarantining before going to their final destinations, which could be across the country. California will also fund health services for short stays, including coronavirus testing.

Additionally, state funding will go to Jewish Family Service of San Diego to provide migrants food, transportation and help with logistics.

Previously, California spent nearly $12 million on assistance for about 30,000 asylum seekers who had been in limbo at the border in the aftermath of President Joe Biden taking office.

On Biden’s first day in office, he suspended former President Donald Trump’s Remain in Mexico policy for newly arriving asylum seekers. Then last week, the Biden Administration began allowing migrants into the United States who had been forced to wait in Mexico under the Trump Administration policy.

It is now expected about 26,000 migrants will be let into the country with notices to appear in court. About 25 migrants will be released in San Diego daily.

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The Trump administration was charging taxpayers $700 a day, per body, to house humans in dog kennels, under inhumane conditions, with little to no toiletries. For this price, they could be housed at 5 star hotels. Defrauding taxpayers under the guise of patriotism. Murica! But Mexico will pay for the wall, as soon as The Trump tax credits trickle down… from the Reagan years.

The Legislature doesn’t care about what citizens think about this, it’s not their money, and they can always get more.

Wow, how frustrating is this? I have 3 friends whom are now homeless! And This Government chooses to pay the way for NON Americans? What was the problem with them waiting it out in their own Country? How about paying for Hotel and Medical for my American Working Citizens first?

How dumb do you think the troublesome migrant is? Do you really think the guy with a criminal record will sit nice in a hotel waiting to be told he can’t stay in our country? He will be 1/2 way to Michigan before they even know he missed his court date.

LET me clarify before I am misunderstood. I am NOT calling every migrant troublesome! MOST are NOT! Most will follow procedure, to become American citizens. And That is OK with me.

There is a labor shortage in the US. Most migrants show up sober, on time, and ready to work. They pay for what housing they can afford, albeit often with government assistance. They do cost a lot in public benefits, but so do you.

We have a great number of Vets ” WHO FOUGHT FOR THIS COUNTRY ” and homeless citizens and you need to help them ” FIRST ” If you are a citizen and barely make enough to get by you have to jump thru hoops to get anything from the government but come here illegally claiming asylum from just living in a shi”y country makes no sense.Why don’t all you rich people who propose this put them up in your house and finance them? If they come legally follow the rules we have to them fine but no freebies.

I wonder how Mullyman feels about raising the minimum wage, or raising the amount earned by retirees or disabled vets in social security or more money for those who are unemployed because they lost their jobs in the pandemic?

These are all issues supported by the Democratic Party. Yet they are resisted by Republicans.

According to the Sacramento Bee, illegal immigrants contribute $3.2 billion to California’s tax base and I’m quite sure that given refugee status, these immigrants will also contribute their fair share.

Be careful what you spout about disabled veterans…and who is doing what to help us out in Washington or the worthless folks in Sacramento. Please think for yourself and get educated about veterans issues if our plight bothers you. Don’t believe everything you hear or read. People with certain political bents always think the D or R says it all which isn’t the case. But its the generation of the nanny state…demanding the government do everything for us. Have you ever wondered why those in their cushy offices want us to live lives they don’t want for themselves?

It’s like I’m living in a alternate reality, California where politicians do everything they can to ruin the state. It’s beyond words.

You get what you vote for…

Yeah, I’m glad ethics and empathy are back, enjoy your CrapPAC.

CPAC 2021 has broken all records for viewership…and yes I enjoyed it especially president Trump….

I never voted for any of that crap but I still get to pay for it. $28,000,000 would go a long way towards repairing roads or building schools, or ?? My tax dollars shouldn’t be used to give free stuff to illegal aliens.

Surely this is a joke …. right?