Home invasion suspect identified as SLO resident

February 14, 2021

Johnny Jesse Roman Jr.

The San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s Department has identified the man who assaulted an elderly woman during a home invasion in San Luis Obispo as 38-year-old Johnny Jesse Roman Jr.

On Saturday morning, Roman allegedly invaded a home on the 1700 block of O’Conner Way and restrained the home owner. The thief stole cash from the victim before fleeing in the her gold 2006 Chevy Silverado, with license plate 8Z85747.

Responders transported the victim to the hospital for treatment of her injuries.

Investigators have issued a be on the lookout for the Chevy Silverado. They are asking anyone who spots the truck or the suspect immediately call deputies at (805) 781-4550.

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The victims Truck was recovered today in the San Jose area, Police think it was a ruse to throw them off the hunt for him. They think he is in Kern County as he has relatives still living there, the truck was recovered earlier today.

It went thru a local criminal forensic analysis for further evidence, ie; DNA, Prints and other evidence once completed the truck is on its way back to SLOSO for continued evidence evaluations. The suspect is thought to be back in Kern County as he has a few Criminal buddies and family living there.

He left behind one good print, and some DNA ie hair samples, sweat and others. If his ruse to throw off the Police to focus in the Bay area it will not work, as the watchful assets of Police are all over this. If he has a once of any smarts he would be wise to turn himself in and fast. As the Crimes he committed will not be tolerated by anyone

I remember this guy used to work at Home Depot lumber area, and has a drug issue along with family in Bakersfield. If I’m correct he tied the victim up with her own leases from the dogs, he is stalker and has a pretty long criminal record from Kern County and Payson, AZ the Bay area and in SLO. Hope they catch him soon.

Not to be found in The Tribune/KSBY, not good for business.

What? There is NO CRIME here in the HAPPY HAPPY Town of the magic kingdom of San Luis Obispo! There is no corruption either! Anyway, I have to go feed my Unicorn. “We are compassionate”. Ha Ha Ha Ha.

Reported on both of those sites before you commented.



Huh ! I thought the suspect was 60 years old 6 foot tall and heavy set ??? That is what all the previous renderings of this crime stated ?? This guy is 38 ?? If this newest suspect is the guy I would say he’s a drug addicted relative of the victim

Let me guess, a catch and release star pupil?