Morro Bay teacher had sex with a student, police said

February 8, 2021

Tyler Andree


A Morro Bay High School teacher was arrested Monday for allegedly having sex with an underage student and solicitation of a minor.

After receiving an anonymous tip, Morro Bay police officers conducted a three week investigation into chemistry teacher and girl’s swim coach Tyler Andree, 24. Investigators have identified two underage victims.

A 2014 San Luis Obispo High School graduate, Andree began working at Morro Bay High School on Aug.13, 2019. Andree submitted his resignation on Jan. 18 — effective immediately.

Investigators are asking anyone who has any information regarding these or further allegations to contact Officer Gene Stuart at (805)772-6225 or San Luis Obispo County Crime Stoppers at (805) 549-STOP.

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From the comments, it sounds like the trial has already occurred. I guess I missed that report somehow.

Well there goes his career! All that work to get that position. Sacrificed it all for a lay. Jail time, disgraced, marked for life just to get off. ?? Very sad situation. I wonder how innocent those girls were in all this? Or did they know exactly what they were doing? Was it this teacher going after the girl? Who was the aggressor? Just wondering the real story. Cause it seems unreal to me for a teacher to knowingly sacrifice his whole life and career going after an underage girl, without first understanding or thinking there was a chance he could get away with it.

Who the “aggressor” was or how “innocent” the children were is IRRELEVANT. When you are an adult in a position of power over minors, you are solely responsible for your own actions, no matter how the children may act towards you, and you must conduct yourself appropriately at all times. It doesn’t matter if they are initiate flirting, attempt seduction, etc (because they WILL try), you are the adult and have been placed in a position of trust. If you can’t control yourself, find another job that doesn’t involve kids and consider getting professional help!

Yes! I totally Agree! I did not intend to dismiss any accountability for the behavior of this teacher. He is the one who is absolutely responsible. Absolutely betrayal! HE should have controlled himself and been a trustworthy teacher. Of course he needs to be held accountable for his failure to protect these children!

I am Mocking his intense desire for sex! He gave up his entire career because (probably) some teenage girl came on to him and his need to “get off” superseded his obligations as a teacher! IT was more important to him than the consequences?

That is just crazy! The assumption, because I question the girls actions are that I believe this scum of a teacher is somehow innocent? Just NOT so!

The girls are still children, So of course he betrayed those girls. But YES I do believe they came on to him. They are most likely not innocent in this debacle. ITs like the scenario in the movie Wild Things. Who did you feel sorry for? NONE of them?

Gramelin, I hope you don’t have any daughters with that attitude.

Oh dear, there goes his career. Yes, that is what we should all take away from this story. Poor guy was an unwilling victim of an agressive teen. Maybe he should press assault charges.

His Bail is 30k, reports Paso News. Interesting. I wonder what DA Dows priority on this is? Isnt he the sex crime fighter? 30k bail? I bet the upcoming criminal and then civil court after this will be interesting too. I think race and status played into his Bail Cost.

Bail isn’t an arbitrary amount. It’s determined by statute

He looks like he is a junior in HS….

Here’s another fact of life, my sister was married at 14 years of age in Central America. California has a 24 year old guy coaching swim suit girls of what age, 16 through 17? Yes, there is professionalism but even medical doctors get off track and are overtaken by evil, natural, illegal or all three. Certainly the kid teacher will be punished, the taxpayers may have another giant bill but the system may also be responsible too for not considering the high risk when staffing youth with youth. Just sayin.

Nowhere does it say the student victims were girls.

Where is the big grin now?

I’ve known Tyler since he was a student at SLOHS, then throughout the summers when he was a leader for the Avila Beach Junior Lifeguard program. He was a positive guy who really cared about my sons and helped them feel good about themselves. So this story has completely caught me off guard and feeling pretty sad. I feel horrible for the girls who were exploited by him and hope they find peace/healing. It’s a sickening situation.

If allegations are true, Be relieved u don’t have daughters.

slocalgal you can not presume the victims were girls. pedophiles engage in a conditioning phase of grooming their victims. they also are experts at placing themselves in situations of hierarchy over children. how perfect of a placement to be the ‘leader’ of a Junior Lifeguard Program.

I dont think an “intercourse” charge is made if the victim is male.

Ummmm think again…..

True. I should not assume the gender of the victim. I presumed a female based on his coaching the girl’s swim team but my assumption could be wrong.