Port San Luis commissioner under fire for violating the Brown Act

February 22, 2021

Robert Vessely


Port San Luis Harbor District Commissioner Bob Vessely is facing a public reprimand at Tuesday’s board meeting for providing confidential documents to a third party in violation of the Brown Act.

After participating in a Feb. 9 closed session board meeting about anticipated litigation regarding an employee issue, Vessely emailed confidential documents to another party though his Port San Luis Harbor District email. In light of the legal breach, district officials are recommending the board vote to reprimand Vessely.

Vessely is married to Susan Devine, who was one of former San Luis Obispo County Supervisor Adam Hill’s legislative aids.

“Commissioner Bob Vessely did willfully and knowingly forward a document, dated December 30,2020, clearly marked Confidential Communication -Personnel Matter and pertaining to confidential personnel matters, to a third party not authorized to receive such documents,” according to the district’s resolution of reprimand. “This action by Commissioner Vessely violated the public trust and the implicit trust of fellow Harbor Commissioners to be ethical in the dealings of Port San Luis Harbor District.”

Staff is asking Vessely to sign one of two formal reprimand options: one in which Vessely agrees to stop violating the Brown Act or the other in which he refuses.

“We hereby reprimand Commissioner Vessely and condemn his actions in this matter as unethical, a breach of the public trust, in violation of district policies, and in violation of applicable law,” according to both of the proposed reprimands.

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I think that it is important to mention Commissioner Vessely’s demeanor during the Board meeting on Tuesday night. He and his wife sent out emails to a bunch of people to call in and support him and his positions during the meeting and then his behavior was childish and embarrassing. If this is how he acts with an audience of supporters, I wonder how he acts when no one is watching! Well, I watched to the bitter end as he became drunk and belligerent. During the item with the law enforcement expert, Dr. Martinelli, Bob Vessely was disrespectful, rolling his eyes and not paying attention. It was very obvious. He actually pouted and walked off camera at one point. Then, when he was going to be reprimanded, he refused even to say that he read the agenda item! Throughout, Commissioner Vessely was on camera clearly drinking wine and talking to someone off camera while he was muted during an official, public, recorded Board of Commissioners meeting. I know that Zoom has made meetings more casual than in-person meetings, but is this acceptable behavior for our elected officials? His wife was in government for years, surely she knows better than this. Shame on the both of them: him for sharing confidential personnel information from a closed session and lying about it, her for accepting it and lying about it and the both of them for acting like clowns and treating Port San Luis Harbor District like their own private circus. Disgusting.

Very well said. He and his wife appear to be the white privilege liberals, that liberals despise. Go figure.

The article does not mention any party affiliation, just a personal connection to a likely corrupt public official.

You obviously are quite uninformed when it comes to employee matters, which are confidential (thus discussed in closed session), Sharing confidential information just opened the door for a lawsuit, and we should all care about that.

And when he does this again he will be put on “Double Secret Probation”, that’ll show him.

“Double Secret Probation” sounds a bit harsh.

So this idiot shares a confidential personnel matter for what purpose? Is he spreading the news to blackball an employee who defied him? Was he just sharing the information with a lover? What legitimate legal purpose was he exercising? I think we all know these answers, an employee defied the statement and/or actions of the King and now he is going to extract every ounce of flesh that he can get out of that employee by spreading the news whether true or not. Reprimand, fire him on the spot to cut the liability.

Punishment for violating the public trust is far less severe than a parking ticket? No wonder government is so corrupt!

Just like Adam Hill, and Heidi Harmon. The rules and guidelines are for others to follow not them. When guilty of violations, instead of taking responsibility and be accountable to the people, they point fingers and attack the ones calling out the violations or wrong doings. Typical of those on the left. Another example of their blatant hypocrisy.

Lump everyone’s deviant behavior into tiny little biases and generalize them huh? Being political makes someone bad huh? Alot of judgment for someone touting scripture constantly.

Thanks for helping make my point. Classic!

Quoting the words right out of Dem’s playbook.

Take note of just how many friends of Adam Hill conduct themselves in this manner.

Birds of a feather.