SLO Brew closing downtown location after three decades in business

February 13, 2021


After more than three decades of operating in downtown San Luis Obispo, SLO Brew is permanently closing its central establishment.

The Carrisa by SLO Brew is closing in large part because of coronavirus business restrictions. The downtown restaurant and bar had been temporarily closed during the stay-at-home order, but its owners now say it will not be reopening.

Co-owner Hamish Marshall said he decided to consolidate resources and focus on the SLO Brew Rock location near the San Luis Obispo airport, as well as the Rod & Hammer’s distillery.

Previously located on Garden Street, SLO Brew first opened in downtown San Luis Obispo in1988. In recent years, SLO Brew moved its downtown location to Higuera Street and renamed it The Carrisa.

The SLO Brew Lofts will remain open despite the closure of the downtown bar and restaurant. Located upstairs from the bar and restaurant, the lofts consist of one, two and three-bedroom suites.

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I hope they honor their Half off dining $50 purchase recently of Carrisa to the SLO Brew rock.

I know the Covid didn’t help this business , but like most California cities there is never enough parking in a downtown setting or parking at all .I had friends 20 years ago move their businesses outside SLO city limits because the rules and laws were so intense they couldn’t make any decent money.Any future building in SLO city limits if there’s any room left should have basement and/or first story as a parking garage and the businesses above to maximize use of the land .. Such as Shell Beach homes are or converted to so homeowners garage is under their homes in a basement setting to get as much use as possible from postage stamp parcels

Sad news. So many good memories…

I thought they had already closed some time ago?