Suspect’s relatives allegedly helped him dispose of Paso Robles man’s body

February 2, 2021

Trevon Perry

Two relatives of the man accused of murdering 27-year-old Trevon Perry of Paso Robles testified last week they helped bury the victim’s body in the backyard of a house in Riverside. [Tribune]

In Dec. 2019, Perry testified against a murder defendant who allegedly killed his childhood friend. On March 16, 2020, before a trial date was set in the case, Perry’s family reported him missing.

On June 18, 2020, investigators found Perry’s body at a home in Riverside. Detectives later arrested Nicholas Ron, 23, of Paso Robles for Perry’s murder, and officers arrested several other suspects on accessory to murder charges.

Ron allegedly shot Perry at point-blank range. He has pleaded not guilty to murder, as well as an enhancement for using a firearm. Ron faces 25 years to life in prison if convicted.

At a San Luis Obispo Superior Court hearing last week, two of Ron’s relatives testified against him. Both of the relatives struck deals with prosecutors allowing them to serve probation instead of receiving prison sentences in exchange for their testimony.

The first relative testified he received a single text message from Ron on March 16, 2020, asking for help to “get rid of something.” The relative of the murder defendant then agreed to assist Ron.

The relative testified that he helped Ron try to dispose of Perry’s body in Paso Robles, but the effort did not work. The man then drove with the second relative to Riverside, where several of Ron’s family members live. Ron followed behind them in a separate car.

Nicholas Ron

The first relative said he thought he was helping dispose of a weapon until the second family member told him during the drive to Riverside that he thought there was a body in the trunk. The first relative also said he thought Ron killed Perry because Perry somehow got Ron kicked out of an apartment.

Similarly, the second relative testified he received a text message from Ron saying, “we have to get rid of something.” At the time, he was suffering from heroin withdrawal, the second relative said.

It was not until reaching Ron’s grandmother’s house in Riverside that he was told there was a person in the trunk, the second relative testified. He said Ron never explained to him why he killed Perry.

Prior to burying Perry, Ron and he went to a local hardware store where they purchased four or five bottles of sulfuric acid, which he read somewhere dissolves human remains, the second relative said.

An investigator later testified the two men were seen on store surveillance footage, and Ron used his debit card to pay for the sulfuric acid.

The group ended up abandoning the sulfuric acid plan after trying to place Perry’s body in a barrel with the chemical compound. Eventually, Ron and his two relatives buried Perry’s body about three feet deep in a chicken coop in the backyard of the Riverside home.

Investigators traced Ron’s whereabouts in the aftermath of Perry’s murder from Paso Robles to Victorville to Riverside. Ron made stops at gas stations and convenience stores where he bought items including duct tape, baby wipes, a gas can and gloves, a district attorney’s office investigator testified.

Detectives eventually found the car Ron was driving burned down to metal in a wash in rural Riverside County.

At the conclusion of the hearing on Friday, Judge Jesse Marino ruled enough evidence exists for the case to go to trial. Ron currently remains in custody at the San Luis Obispo County Jail with his bail set at $1.25 million. He is scheduled to be back in court on March 9.

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Disrespecting his own grandmother by bringing his victim to her home for burial? No words.

There’s a lot of things that go on behind the scenes that those w/o a need to know never become privy to. Its common in on-going murder investigations. First and foremost they need to nail the murderer to the wall. Then work on the others. The whole situation is disgusting…its sickening how callous and straight up evil some people can be. And its so very sad… Not only was he young, his family is left with knowing the ugly details of this and now must live with unexplainable heartache for many years to come. Rest in peace Trevon….

Dangerous vermin like this guy need to stay the hell out of San Luis Obispo County!

This guy murdered a witness. There should be a special enhancement for that.

OK this one is interesting. Dan Dow’s office pleads out two people who helped stuff a body in a barrel before transporting it 200 miles to hide the body in a shallow grave? Offered them a PLEA bargain when basic detective work would have obtained the same information?

Does Mr. Dow throw the book at these accomplices to murder? Nope. Ask for prison time? Nope.

They helped in a murder. Not an ordinary murder either, it was one that was intended to thwart the Judicial process of another horrible crime. The benefit to Mr Dow to offer a plea was a slam dunk case with this testimony, and all the political benefits he would enjoy with headlines in the paper. Was our safety any of his concern? Probably not.

Thanks to the DA decision to offer plea bargains we get two people on parole who willingly helped in a murder living freely amongst us. I would not want them as a neighbor, would you?

On the flip side of the Dan Dow prosecution coin we have the BLM fiasco. Comparatively—it ain’t murder.

Why do we plea down accomplices in murder cases to probation, but prosecute young – misguided – protesters to the hilt?

I would prefer our DA do his job without a political yardstick attached to every decision. We’re the ones paying for unequal Justice.

Don’t conflate the local BLM terrorists with this murderer and his accomplices! Doing so in no way minimizes the impact the BLM thugs have had on the local community!

Further, I suspect you can offer zero accurate insights on “basic detective work.”

You suspect. I deduce.

Facts are tough. Accomplices to murder get plea deals. Protestors, legal or not, do not. Quibble all you want.

I actually COMPARED one to the other to point to an imbalance. You CONFLATED them into near equal offenses.

But I suspect nuance evades you.

In reply to some of the comments …When just even one family member of a family is a gang member , no matter how the rest of their family feels about criminal gang membership the entire family is gang members willingly or not willingly .Burying drugs , guns ,or bodies etc under chicken coops is nothing new to the criminal element i.e. Nobody wants to dig up chicken poop

The criminal mind…he torches and burns a car to get rid of evidence but doesn’t consider his face and the items he purchased are on every security camera of the businesses he shopped at, and his cell phone and credit card transactions are not a trail of breadcrumbs which will be eaten by birds or blown away by the wind.

It takes a special kind of person to involve two family members, and then bury a body in grandma’s backyard chicken coop. Ron deserves to rot in hell, and those who testified against him had better be watching their backs from here on out.

Why in the world did they make a deal with the relatives? NO Justice!

Probably because the DA couldn’t have made the case without their cooperation?

Just the absolute worst kind of people. Sad & pointless.