SLO County coronavirus cases surge following Saint Patrick’s Day parties

March 26, 2021

Following dozens of local Saint Patrick’s Day celebrations, coronavirus cases in San Luis Obispo County have increased, meaning the county can no longer move into the less restrictive orange tier within the next week.

Of the 142 new coronavirus cases in SLO County over the past four days, 69 of those infected are under 29 years of age while only 12 are in the 65 and above age bracket. San Luis Obispo leads with 42 new cases, followed by Paso Robles with 32 and Atascadero with 21.

The increase comes less than two week after groups of college and high school students attended Saint Patrick’s Day themed functions.

As of Friday afternoon, 20,402 people in SLO County have tested positive for the pandemic. Of those, 255 have died — two this week. There are seven  SLO County residents in the hospital receiving treatment for the virus, with two in intensive care units.

Cases by area:

  • Paso Robles – 4,019
  • San Luis Obispo – 3,917
  • California Men’s Colony (inmates) – 2,384
  • Atascadero – 1,922
  • Nipomo – 1,540
  • Arroyo Grande – 1,430
  • Grover Beach – 853
  • Oceano – 685
  • Templeton – 607
  • San Miguel – 513
  • Los Osos – 470
  • Morro Bay – 416
  • Cal Poly (campus residents) – 373
  • Pismo Beach – 333
  • Atascadero State Hospital (patients) – 206
  • Cambria – 176
  • Shandon – 139
  • Santa Margarita – 139
  • Creston – 84
  • Cayucos – 69
  • Avila Beach – 29
  • San Simeon – 21
  • Bradley – 7

In Santa Barbara County, there have been 33,020 confirmed coronavirus cases and 435 deaths, according to the Santa Barbara County Public Health Department.

Cases by area:

Santa Maria — 11,135
Santa Barbara — 6,189
Lompoc — 3,496
Orcutt — 1,740
Lompoc Federal Prison — 1,088

As of Friday afternoon, there have been 3,655,376 positive cases, and 58,229 deaths in California.

More than 30,844,065 U.S. residents have tested positive for the virus, and 561,028 have died.

In addition, the number of people infected with the virus worldwide continues to increase: 126,634,065 cases with 2,778,034 dead.

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And 61 cases were between the ages of 29 and 64. Maybe this middle age group should have been more responsible over St Patty’s Day as their numbers are pretty equivalent to the kids.

Uh, duh. That’s because 67% of San Luis County population is between 29 and 64 and only 16% is between 18 and 29 so it was the people under the age of 29 who had the highest percentage of cases.

Math is hard.

How embarrassing it’ll be for politicians if we end up with more cases than the non-locked-down states they’re trying to compete with.

You boomers need to chill tf out. Cases are steadily declining and us kids have been ignoring social distancing rules since the beginning of this shit. I highly doubt ya’ll would’ve followed Covid protocol in your hay day.

You and your privilege, is why I’ve had to take care of and watch covid patients die. Grow up, quickly, before it’s too late. Empathy is free, did you know this?

On the positive side, 69 more doses of vaccine to be available to those that need and want it. Send the 69 home to daddy.

Thanks kids.

Your words and actions are pretty disgusting, so is your privilege. Obviously, you’ve never suffered a loss, especially from covid; privalege.