Suspected DUI driver wreaks havoc in Shell Beach

March 9, 2021


A suspected DUI driver plunged off the side of Highway 101 in Shell Beach Monday night, shortly after being involved in a separate car crash.

Shortly before 10 p.m., the driver was heading northbound on Highway 101 just past the Maddie Road offramp when she rear-ended a vehicle. The driver fled the scene at speeds of upwards of 90 mph prior to going over the guardrail and plunging 30 feet to the roadway below.

Her car landed upside down near the intersection of Spyglass Drive and Shell Beach Road, according to Cal Fire.

Emergency responders extricated the driver and transported her to Sierra Vista Regional Medical Center for treatment of minor injuries.

Officers found containers of alcohol in the female suspect’s vehicle, according to the CHP. Investigators believe she was driving under the influence of alcohol, but are waiting on the results of a toxicology test for confirmation.

The individual whom the DUI suspect rear-ended did not suffer any injuries.

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hmm toxicology report. must be a non-LEO person. wonder what the charges will be.

Yes as we have seen many times before, plus the times we know it happened but not found out about, had the driver been a LEO or other “important” person, no field sobriety test would have been performed or blood drawn plus the driver would have been given a ride home or allowed to be driven home by another person.