Avila Beach man dies following hit-and-run accident

April 5, 2021

The California Highway Patrol has identified the victim of a fatal hit-and-run last month as Jim Hayes, 62, of Avila Beach.

On March 23, Hayes was riding his Harley Davidson motorcycle southbound on Highway 101 near Shell Beach when he was involved in a hit-and-run collision. Emergency personnel then transported him to a local hospital with head and leg injuries.

Hayes passed away on April 3.

Officers are asking anyone with information about the accident to contact the San Luis Obispo area CHP office at (805) 594-8700.

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Today we went to Hammers Memorial of Life,

Words can not express how much PAIN AND SUFFERING of his Mother and Father, Wife Jody and his Kids.

Who ever Killed and left him to die is still on the Loose!

The person and People who are helping them are all Cold blooded Losers!!!!!!!!

I will be there to look them all in the eye at their future Sentencing.

Please call the CHP if you have any information concerning this wreck in Shell Beach.

One Week ago I lost a Colleague and Friend,

Hammer was such a great guy,

There’s Cameras up all over that stretch of Freeway,

I know that the CHP is all over this,

But they need to arrest the Murderer of Hammer soon,

He wasn’t just another Trashy Biker!

How very sad! Prayers for the family. So where are the videos.? Not for here, but Dont the cops have videos of the freeway? So they can see who hit him?