Get the vaccination, Arroyo Grande restaurant will give you a free taco

April 21, 2021

You’ve gotten your vaccine and want to celebrate. Me and Z’s in Arroyo Grande is offering a free taco to anyone who can show proof they’ve received a vaccine, either the card or a photo of yourself getting the shot.

You can sit on the outdoor patio, dine indoors or take your taco to go. There is no purchase necessary.

This is a one time per-person offer good until California reopens on June 15.

Me and Z’s is a family owned and operated restaurant opened by Zenaida Stevens in 2008. The restaurant is known for their seafood selection, chili rellenos, tamales and the best pozole soup on the Central Coast. Check out their yelp reviews!

Me and Z’s is located at 1351 Grand Avenue in Arroyo Grande.

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I got a flu vaccination a couple of years ago. Do I get a Taco?

hey good for them. they will make lots of money from “sheeple”.

nobody can just have 1 taco. they’re gonna be spending money. hey i’m all for it. who cares what they do

Didn’t realize that tacos were favored by sheep

Oh the incentives! Let me rush down for my jab so I can get a free taco! I’m in the Twilight Zone