HASLO seeking to build affordable housing development in Arroyo Grande

April 9, 2021


The Housing Authority of San Luis Obispo (HASLO) plans to construct a mixed-use development in Arroyo Grande with 65 units of affordable housing.

Plans call for three separate three-story buildings with residential units, as well as commercial space and a community room, on a a 2.16-acre site located at 700 Oak Park Boulevard.

The development would contain 30 one-bedroom units, 18 two-bedroom units and 17 three-bedroom units. Two of the buildings would front on El Camino Real and the third would be situated on the corner of Oak Park Boulevard and Chilton Street.

HASLO would rent all residential units to individuals and families with annual incomes at or below 80 percent of San Luis Obispo County’s median income.

In addition to 1,178 square feet of commercial space and a 1,342-square foot community room, project plans call for outdoor recreational space, a barbecue area and a children’s playground.

The project came before the Arroyo Grande City Council last November in its pre-application phase. Then on Monday, the Architectural Review Committee discussed the proposed development.

Next, the project will go to the Arroyo Grande Planning Commission for potential approval.

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Commenters are complaining that it is noisy place to live ….Living under a bridge is cold,hot and noisy.If I had a free or reduced place to live I’d be tickled pink ..As a kid I lived on hwy 41 walked on it rode bicycles on it slept in my bed next to it didn’t faze me a bit .. As an adult I’ve lived for 6 years with very busy train tracks that have a right of way thru my property 100 feet from my bedroom doesn’t faze me a bit unless it derails . The only drawbacks to these large populations of distressed people in one location is the over abundance of alcohol ,legal and illegal drug sales etc etc and a nightmare of social disturbances .On the positive side I guess is a majority of law enforcement calls will now be centered in one location the downfall is total annihilation of property values near this property …Los Angeles , New York , Chicago etc etc name them as Projects

Folks these projects get put at less than ideal locations because all the good spots are developed for high dollar, profitable projects. These housing projects are required by state and federal government so that local authorities can continue to get money in grants, etc from Uncle Sugar.

The liberals who have been elected to city government are all about demonstrating their compassion, caring and “wokeness”. The reality is far different. They say they want affordable housing and then they approve a project to cram people into an apartment complex at a busy intersection. Why not, after the ribbon cutting ceremony they will never set foot in there again. Instead they will be chasing kickbacks from developers like Gearhart, Belsher, Grossman and King, or taking marijuana money from Daysprings, Rossi and Touey.

In the end they are little people who lust for money, power and attention.

Why is the City of San Luis Obispo developing low-income housing in Arroyo Grande???

HASLO is already trying to buy the Anderson Hotel on Monterey Street in SLO for $9,000,000 and then will put millions more (at prevailing wage rates) into fixing it up. The city is head over heels in debt so it uses HASLO to get around having to ask taxpayers for the money, but SLO residents are on the hook for it. Good to know we are fighting homelessness in other cities!

Flip the design at a minimum. Right now the rendering shows the 3 story units right next to the busy street and the parking lot farther away. Is there no interest in making the residents more comfortable with less noise? The screeching brakes coming down the hill on Oak Park Blvd will be extremely annoying at what is probably the second busiest intersection in the south county. This looks to be purely centered around making money for HASLO while creating a noisy place to live. Is that an oxymoron to say HASLO making money? There must be somewhere else where one bedroom high turnover apartments with a playground can be located near the noisy freeway instead of this busy intersection? The city could swap lots, like just south of the regional center library on either side of Old Ranch Rd.

Another mistake from the “leaders” of bankrupt AG. Stuff 10 lbs of manure in a 5 lb bag and cross your fingers. Way overbuilt without any thought or consideration of traffic issues, noise problems or safety concerns. Hey kids go play on the freeway… Good Lord what ever happened to quality of life on the central coast ?

Terrible location for that density of housing. They sell Christmas trees on that little lot and the noise from the 101 is going to be a nightmare.

Using Oak Park to avoid the nightmarish traffic at Brisco Rd will no longer be an option in Arroyo Grande. These projects must not be required to prove the traffic associated with them does not cause intersections to have a failing grade.