SLO County stuck in the COVID-19 red tier for two more weeks

April 21, 2021

Expectations that San Luis Obispo County was headed into a less restrictive COVID-19 tier were dashed Tuesday as the county failed to meet the orange tier metrics two weeks in a row.

Slightly higher case rates and lower testing numbers are to blame. Because the state requires counties to meet orange tier metrics for two consecutive weeks before changing tiers, the county is stuck in the red tier for another two weeks.

SLO County is currently averaging 6.0 new cases per 100,000 residents, according to the state’s adjusted case rate numbers. Orange tier case rates run from 2.0 to 5.9 per 100,000 residents.

During the past four days, SLO County reported 90 new cases. Of those, San Luis Obispo leads with 22 cases, followed by Paso Robles with 11, Atascadero with nine and Templeton with eight.

As of Tuesday afternoon, 20,991 people in SLO County have tested positive for the virus. Of those, 257 have died. There are four SLO County residents in the hospital receiving treatment for the virus, with two in intensive care.

Cases by area:

  • San Luis Obispo – 4,187
  • Paso Robles – 4,106
  • California Men’s Colony (inmates) – 2,384
  • Atascadero – 2,005
  • Nipomo – 1,564
  • Arroyo Grande – 1,471
  • Grover Beach – 873
  • Oceano – 696
  • Templeton – 628
  • San Miguel – 526
  • Los Osos – 494
  • Morro Bay – 430
  • Cal Poly (campus residents) – 375
  • Pismo Beach – 338
  • Atascadero State Hospital (patients) – 207
  • Cambria – 177
  • Santa Margarita – 146
  • Shandon – 141
  • Creston – 86
  • Cayucos – 69
  • Avila Beach – 30
  • San Simeon – 21
  • Bradley – 7

SLO County is now vaccinating residents 16 years old and above, who can sign up for a vaccine through the county. Residents 50 years of age and older can also make vaccine appointments with Rite Aid or CVS.

In Santa Barbara County, there have been 33,920 confirmed coronavirus cases and 445 deaths, according to the Santa Barbara County Public Health Department.

With 5.1 cases per 100,000, Santa Barbara County entered the less restrictive orange tier this week.

Cases by area:

Santa Maria — 11,426
Santa Barbara — 6,362
Lompoc — 3,637
Orcutt — 1,808
Lompoc Federal Prison — 1,089

There have been 3,723,973 positive cases, and 61,122 deaths in California.

More than 32,536,470 U.S. residents have tested positive for the virus, and 582,456 have died.

In addition, the number of people infected with the virus worldwide continues to increase: 143,586,744 cases with 3,058,550 dead.

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Lower test rates are partially to blame… isn’t that what we would naturally expect to see when a pandemic had run its course? And what we would naturally expect when much of the community is vaccinated? Not to mention in springtime when there are less cold and flu symptoms that could be confused with covid symptoms?


Well, from seeing an absolutely packed health fitness facility in Atascadero yesterday (Apr 20th), you wouldn’t have any idea that SLO Country is still under any COVID restrictions. My wife and I were absolutely astounded to see the facility’s parking lot was full. And when we were eating outside at a local restaurant, again we were shocked to see all kinds of people coming in who were not wearing any masks, including families with children. This goes to show you why NASA is still searching for signs of intelligent life — on Earth. Seeing such idiocy just solidifies my view that the human race should never be allowed to travel to (and trash and infect) other planets and other star systems. We could save a pretty penny by shutting down NASA’s solar system exploration work and expand NASA’s Earth’s observation and climate science efforts.


Humanity is on trajectory to destroy it’s own ecosystem centuries before planetary migration will ever be possible. If we do miraculously endure to see the day of a human being sent to another solar system, it won’t be one of the anti-science mouth breathers making that journey. It will literally be one of our best.


Hmm… I guess it is true, familiarity does breed contempt.