SUV crashes into building in San Luis Obispo

April 29, 2021


A Chevrolet SUV slammed into a building after colliding with a Ford pickup truck in San Luis Obispo Thursday morning.

Shortly before 8 a.m., witnesses reported a crash at McMillan Avenue and Orcutt Road. Two individuals suffered minor injuries as a result of the collision, according to the San Luis Obispo Fire Department.

Workers removed the vehicles from the scene, and a fire crew is securing the damaged building. The roadway has remained partially blocked while the scene is being cleared.

The fire department suggested in a tweet the crash may have been caused by distracted driving.

“Please be sure to always keep your attention to the roadway when driving,” the fire department tweeted.


Yukon park it inside…


SLO City is approving new development at a historic rate, gotta collect those permit fees before the a$$ falls out of the housing market. SLO is growing, and streets keep getting busier and more dangerous. Yet the only planned “infrastructure” improvements are widening bike lanes and building new bicycle “freeways” that nobody uses. If you’ve been on Madonna Road during rush hour, and seen how it backs up all the way between Higuera and Oceanaire, just imagine how it will look when the 200 new homes are completed there off of Dalidio. Of course REAL infrastructure improvements cost too much, and interfere with city employee wage increases, and the effort to pay down the bottomless pit of pension debt. Perhaps the term “Civil Service” should be changed to “Civil Burden.”


Um – make that 500 houses not 200 with back yards the size of a bathtub.


Thank you “Womanwhohasbeentere,” I stand corrected. But keep in mind that many of those homes are being built for Tech industry people who are moving here from the Bay Area and “Telecommuting” to work. Bay Area Tech people don’t spend a great deal of time outside. It’s not like when the “Equity Refugees” were moving here from SoCal in the 90’s because our housing prices were cheaper (and they demanded new hiking trails and parks). That “bathtub” sized backyard is perfect for taking your purse-sized-dog out to pee at 3am, and to maybe cook a few Hebrew National Costco Hotdogs on a gas grill. It’s the only “outside” the Millennials from Silicon Valley really know. One or two years of fame as Oprah’s “Happiest Place In America,” has now degraded into NorCal’s “Cheapest Place I’m Willing to Crash that has high-speed internet.”