Fire damages property next to San Luis Obispo homeless shelter

June 4, 2021


A vegetation fire broke out early Friday morning on the property adjacent to the Prado Road homeless shelter in San Luis Obispo, burning debris and one vehicle.

The fire started shortly before 2 a.m. at 46 Prado Road. The blaze burned multiple trees and spread to a vehicle, according to the San Luis Obispo Fire Department.

Firefighters had difficulty battling the blaze because of a large amount of debris and human-made material, including tires and trash, which mixed in with vegetation, the fire department stated in a tweet. Still, firefighters contained the blaze and prevented it from spreading to nearby structures. The fire burned about one quarter of an acre.

While battling the blaze, a firefighter fell about 10 feet into a ravine due to heavy smoke conditions. Other fire personnel quickly helped the firefighter out of the ravine.

The firefighter who fell was apparently uninjured. No one suffered injuries as a result of the blaze, fire officials said in a tweet.

Investigators are working to determine the cause of the fire.

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Did a crack pipe start the blaze?

Don’t be so quick to blame the homeless next door. 46 Prado is…unique to say the least. Junkyard? Scrap yard? Car cemetery? Idk what’s going on there.

Gee, I wonder what might have started that fire…Hmmm…

Good thing we don’t have homeless people camping in city parks, in Caltrans right of ways, or anywhere else!

Yep, good thing they aren’t allowed to live in the motorhomes & trailers an 17 th St, and Pier Ave, Oceano. Most of the tags on the vehicles have expired a very long time ago, I saw one that expired at least 10 years ago. I called CHP, Sheriffs Dept. and one of the County Supervisors Assistants, they all said the law states if people are living in the vehicles there’s nothing they can do about it. No tickets and cant tow them. Each time I drive by the situation becomes worse. Thank you Gov. Newsome……..

Drive by and take a look for yourself.

Wrong, there are two laws that can be used if the situation is as you claimed:

1. California Vehicle Code 22651(k) states a vehicle is only allowed to park in the same spot on a public street for up to 72 hours.

2. California Vehicle Code 22651(o)(1) says a vehicle parked on public streets can be towed and impounded if the tags expired more than 6 months ago.

Since those both clearly apply, you either asked the police the wrong question or they just don’t like you. The car camping problem has been an issue for years. They had a lot of news coverage about it happening on Prado Road back in 2012, years before Newsom took office, so you can’t blame him for this particular issue.