Nipomo teen shocked by live wire following DUI crash

June 12, 2021

A Nipomo teen suffered major injuries last Saturday after he crashed into a power pole on Highway 166 north of Santa Maria, and then stepped on a live wire.

Shortly before 9 p.m., 18-year-old Shiloh Delgadillo crashed into a power pole near the intersection of Highway 166 and Bull Canyon Road. Officers arrived to find Delgadillo unconscious on the roadway.

Officers performed CPR and lifesaving measures on Delgadillo before paramedics transported the teen to Marian Regional Medical Center.

Investigators believe Delgadillo was under the influence alcohol, lost control of his car, hit a power pole and then stepped on a live wire that fell on the roadway during the crash. Officers are working to determine whom provided the alcohol to Delgadillo.


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He’ll probably try to sue someone over the electric line saying there was no warning!


I heard he was rocking out to AC/DC at the time of the accident. Thunder struck I believe.

Uncle Jack

Must have been shocked to discover what happened to him when he woke up.


More than one way to get a “buzz”.