San Luis Obispo Mayor Heidi Harmon takes aim at gas industry

June 7, 2021


San Luis Obispo Mayor Heidi Harmon made a national television appearance last week in which she spoke out against the gas industry for allegedly targeting her with intimidation tactics and purportedly threatening to kill local residents.

Harmon appeared on the TBS talk show and satirical news program, “Full Frontal with Samatha Bee.” Harmon’s appearance came in a segment called, “Here’s Why Your Gas Stove Is Killing You.” The segment criticized gas stoves and promoted electric stoves as a safer and more environmentally friendly alternative.

In the segment, Harmon recounts how gas industry representatives responded last year to the San Luis Obispo City Council attempting to phase out gas appliances in buildings citywide. A union president used profanity to describe her and called for having Harmon voted off the council, Harmon said.

“I’m Mayor Heidi Harmon, and I was targeted by the gas industry,” Harmon says in the television segment.

“The intimidation tactics were at an all-time low,” Harmon goes on to say. “They threatened to come to a council meeting during the pandemic, and so to see someone actually write in a letter that they were going to busload in people that are potentially COVID-positive to intentionally infect, and therefore potentially kill, members of our community, they stopped at nothing.”

In June 2020, the San Luis Obispo City Council adopted an energy policy requiring all-electric new buildings, an effort Harmon spearheaded. At that time, Harmon sat on the Central Coast Community Energy Board of Directors, the electric energy company she was promoting.

Over months leading up to the vote, gas industry representatives lobbied against the policy, including by sending a letter in March 2020 threatening to bus hundreds of people into SLO to oppose the gas ban and potentially add to the pandemic. The email was sent a few days prior to the issuance of the initial coronavirus stay-at-home order in California.

Following the airing of the television segment, Harmon tweeted that SLO does not allow bullies to make policy.

“In San Luis Obispo, we don’t let bullies make policy. We created a policy of fossil fuel-free homes — the gas union threatened to bus in 100s of potentially Covid positive folks to infect our town,” Harmon stated in the tweet.

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Eyes Everywhere

Has Heidi moved back to SLO yet or is she still shacking up in Los Osos?

Jorge Estrada

I have a pair of Where’s Waldo shorts, maybe someone can start a new Where’s Heidi clothing line?


So sorry this happened to her. Lol.

Does anyone know if her house has a gas meter?

what the

Remember, back in the day, when conflict of interest was illegal?


“In San Luis Obispo, we don’t let bullies make policy”. Good for Heidi. I respect her decision to never make policy again. Finally she is owning up to her lies.


Is there proof of the threat to bus in COVID positive people? Also all electricity needs be generated – Diablo shutting down, sun goes down at night, when people use their electric appliances- so what magic generation source does SLO have access to that isn’t gas generated? Finally – any program you have actively unenroll from sounds fishy to me. Anyone that is enrolled – noticing any reduction in your electric bill?


If BLM sent a busload of protesters she wouldnt mention the pontenial of covid positive people


Heide just loves those camera lenses.


So she doesn’t like bullies but she sure supported the mob of bullies that went on the freeway… But that’s the mark of a true politician… Hypocrisy and what’s in it for themselves… She’s certainly one who’s had way too much koolaid and appears totally void of any common sense. She’s great fun for sound bites but I hope the good people of SLO take action at the ballot box. I wish people who want to live a certain way, pay exorbitant taxes and prices for things, would just do so and leave the rest of us alone.


Can the 25th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution be applied to mayors?

Jorge Estrada

Freedom to be an embarrassment to public representation.