Thousands of gallons of raw sewage spills in San Luis Obispo

June 6, 2021

A blocked sewer line caused approximately 2,000 gallons of raw sewage to pour out through manholes in San Luis Obispo on Sunday.

The sewage leaked onto Sacramento Drive between Ricardo Court and Capitolio Way, and into a dry creek bed. City workers cleared the blockage and sanitized streets and walkways.

Removal of sewage from the creek bed continues.

The SLO County Public Health Department is asking people to avoid contact with the creek bed in the Sacramento Drive area.


Get on it Heidi.

Your city is going to hell in a hand basket and you’re too busy being woke to see it.

Jorge Estrada

This happens more often than many know. Usually it is a failed test into the SLO Creek below the sewer farm. The fine is paid and the cost is passed on to the rate payers. Septic tanks are a better deal when you consider it is state regulations that limit density for their use and there is no sewer bill when you take care of your own crap. This property value is now being recognized thence housing cost increased due to the affordability of no public sewer system housing overhead. Again, Santa Margarita has higher values due to affordable water as well as the benefit of septic tanks. Certainly, Santa Margarita pays higher taxes for these property benefits too. It will be interesting to see what compensation will be provided to each property owner if there is a taking of private septic tanks, if that ever happens? The same goes for the water this community has. Yes $600k for a two bedroom one bath house is affordable housing in Santa Margarita and with affordable water (so much so that the County abandoned the historic State Permitted recharge turnout in 1999), oh and guess what, squeezed the town for more costs).

SloCal Yocal

Ew-w-w-w! Another spill, really?!…C’mon SLO…Keep the wipes out of the pipes! Don’t pour grease and oil down the drain! Use common sense…if it looks like it can plug up your pipes, don’t flush it or pour it down the drain! And once again, Ew-w-w-w!


If it was near student housing, it would be more likely clogged by tampons and rubbers.

For a small city, SLO seems to have clogged sewers and ruptured mains quite frequently. Yet another example of our crumbling infrastructure badly in need of repair.


No it wasn’t. The entire area is light-industrial and commercial. You’re just making up what you want to believe.


First of all, you failed at basic reading comprehension because I said “IF”. Second, you are clueless about this area because there are numerous residences right there on both sides of Sacramento including all the townhomes at Broad Street Village on the west side, as well as numerous apartments above Sycamore Plaza on the east side. Not much of an “Obispan”, are ya? But I bet you are quite an expert on sewage!


Yes, exactly. This it’s also a sign of poor fiscal management. The wrong priorities, bike lanes that are used by a few, and salaries for Park Rangers and sustainability managers, not to mention a PERS pension liability that has the potential to bankrupt the City.

And EXORBITANT salaries of top staff.

We need a complete overhaul of City leadership and take a fresh look at the City’s fiscal priorities.