Cambria man allegedly kidnaps, rapes hiker

July 3, 2021

Jesus Barajas Valdovinos

San Luis Obspo County deputies arrested a 31-year-old man on July 2 for allegedly kidnapping and raping a hiker in Cambria.

On June 27, Jesus Barajas Valdovinos allegedly grabbed a woman hiking on the Santa Rosa Creek Trail south of Windsor Boulevard, dragged her off the trail and sexually assaulted her for several hours. Valdovinos then fled the scene.

The next day, the woman reported the sexual assault. Deputies collected DNA evidence, and for the first time in SLO  County, investigators used an ANDE Rapid DNA instrument for processing. The DNA matched Valdovinos.

After the victim positively identified Valdovinos, deputies arrested the suspect on charges of kidnapping, rape, battery and false imprisonment and booked him in the SLO County jail in lieu of a $1 million bail.

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Absolutely zero blame on the victim and it shouldn’t be necessary in modern society but ladies; please continue to carry pepper spray or some form of emergency defense at all times!

Is he here illegally?…I think with what is happening today we need to know this…I would think a good news reporter would want that information….and would want to report it as well….

Why do you automatically assume he is illegal?

He didn’t assume that he was here illegally. He asked the question because the suspect is obviously Hispanic. He could be 3rd or 4th generation, or more, born in the U.S. before California was a state for that matter! Conversely , the suspect may be here illegally as a significant number of folks from Latin America are, it’s just a fact. People looking for a better life are not inherently evil, or criminals. Unfortunately however, some are. It’s a reasonable question.

Since they were able to match his DNA, apparently his DNA was in the system so he must have had a run in with the law before, was he an early release?, on parole?, or such?

Why allow him a bail? After proving that it was him with the test kit, I think he should get a few months of prison time to get ready for eternity, then death sentence.

So sad. This poor girls life must be shattered. Please follow up on this story so we can identify how this guy got to the place where he thought doing this awful thing was a good idea. I am glad our district attorney Dan Dow has been educating people on sex crimes in this county He spoke at a local meeting a while back and I was very impressed with him. He spoke about how the abuser often times was abused as a child. Get to know your neighbors and try to identify people who may be predators. Anyone who read this and feels urges to do something like this please let someone know and get help before it’s too late.

Yes CCN, please follow up.

Are you aware of the culture in many third world places around the globe? This is the norm. Look at what has happened in Europe with the influx of young men from the middle east coming in in their previous country any women caught alone were fair game prey upon.

Possibly the most racist post I’ve ever read. If you have statistics on this, please post them, or else quit being a bigot.

Great detective work by SLO County Sherriff’s department:)

My understanding is that this perpetrator acted more like a predator than a opportunist!!!

There’s the possibility of more victims coming forward:(

It’s ‘dragged’ not ‘drug.’