CHP officer injured in crash in rural Santa Margarita

July 25, 2021

A California Highway Patrol Officer was injured Saturday morning in a single car collision in rural Santa Margarita, which led to a helicopter transporting the officer to a local hospital. [KSBY]

Shortly before 9 a.m., the officer was responding to hit and run crash on Stagecoach Canyon Road near Park Hill Road when he attempted to verify the address on his mobile computer screen. The officer then veered off the road, hit a tree root and crashed into an oak tree.

Emergency medical personnel transported the officer in a CHP helicopter to Sierra Vista Regional Medical Center in San Luis Obispo. The officer has since been released back to full duty.

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Earlier this year when an officer crashed his patrol car witnesses reported they smelled alcohol on the officers breath and yet he was not given a breathalyzer or blood test. When his officer buddies showed up, they told the witnesses they were mistaken.

So this officer took his eyes off the road to look at a mobile computer screen in a manner that was unsafe and caused him to run off the road. If this were a private citizen they would be charged with reckless driving not to mention it is an at fault accident that would result in a huge increase in auto insurance premiums. Seems like this officer is instead back on the road with no repercussions. It’s a good thing he hit an oak tree instead of another car. He could easily have hurt or killed an innocent person by his inattention and unsafe driving habits.

I get your point but a perfect solution would come with great epense and or evolve to a no response for certain incidents in the spirt of safety. Hit and run with no injuries could be deferred to a you are on your own incident thus between you and your insurance company? Why would you dispatch a CHP to a poorly addressed remote location, where people live that want that you are on your own rural life style, anyway?

Dumb ass cop.