Coastal commissioners appeal proposed Cayucos resort

July 7, 2021


A proposed three-story boutique hotel and resort that would be built atop a bluff in Cayucos must undergo review by the California Coastal Commission following an appeal filed by two members of the state body. [Tribune]

Developers Jay and Lisa Cobb are planning to build a 17-unit, 20,144 square-foot hotel on a vacant one-acre blufftop property located just north of Cayucos Creek across North Ocean Avenue from the Bella Vista by the Sea RV park. The Cobbs say the development will not be a tradition hotel. Rather, it will have a resort look and feel and will be a cross between a boutique hotel and a very large vacation rental.

Plans include a bar, coffee shop, small market, gym and spa, as well as communal space between rooms for cooking dinner, drinking and enjoying views. Outdoor plans include a lazy-river pool, hot tub, walking and jogging path, shuffleboard and ping-pong tables, barbecues, fire pits, a rental shop and a bar.

The San Luis Obispo County Planning Commission approved the project on April 22. Previously, the Cayucos Citizens’ Advisory Council unanimously recommended approval of the project.

On June 15, California Coastal Commissioners Linda Escalante and Caryl Hart filed an appeal after reviewing project plans. The appeal is scheduled to come before the Coastal Commission in August.

At the upcoming hearing, commissioners will review the project and determine whether the issues raised by Escalante and Hart in their appeal require a more detailed examination by the entire commission. If so, the project would need to go through the commission’s permitting process. If commissioners do not find the issues Escalante and Hart raised are substantial, then the project can move forward.

Escalante and Hart took issue with the proposed development blocking public views. Presently, the site provides views of the central village of Cayucos, the Cayucos Pier, coastal hills and the shoreline stretching south to Morro Rock and Montana de Oro. The commissioners’ appeal also raises parking concerns and the possibility of bluff erosion, as well as coastal hazards that could be worsened by sea-level rise.

Jay Cobb said he was surprised by the appeal because he had worked closely with Coastal Commission staff to address their concerns. However, he remains optimistic about his plans.


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the Cayucos Citizens’ Advisory Council unanimously recommended approval of the project.

How is it These people decided for the entire town, when they never even let the people know what is going on? I live in Cayucos, I have not heard a word on this HUGE project? How is it they think they represnt the citizens? So Much for the Quaint little Beach town. This is so unlike the groove of the town. IT will be so Out of Place!

I wonder what thier BIG payoff is?


The article is incorrect. It was recommended but the vote was not unanimous.


how many ways can they spin development? A ‘very large vacation rental’ HAHAHAHAHA It’s a hotel. I think the commissioner’s issues definitely have merit.


Sorry non elected, appointed for favoritism individuals have no merit. This passed elected officials surcunty, time to let it go through.


“The San Luis Obispo County Planning Commission approved the project on April 22. Previously, the Cayucos Citizens’ Advisory Council unanimously recommended approval of the project.”

Hate to tell you this but these are not elected officials. Nor is the Coastal Commission. No scrutiny by elected officals here, but maybe there was — surcunty as you say :-)


Remember how they ruined Avila Beach? Coming soon to Cayucos…

Adam Trask

How exactly did they ruin Avila Beach? They replaced a bunch of old buildings with new ones, but as far as I can see the character of the place is basically unchanged. When I go to Rick’s I see the same beach and coastline.


Avila and Port San Luis was a Whaling and oil port, and, during WWII, was a training beach for the Navy. I have yet to find any whaling or oil ports that are rife with trendy buildings, expensive condo’s, sculpted concrete (including a wave back that will never see a wave, unless we have another 1983 storm), and high tourist priced eateries.

Do you call it the Avila Market, or the Avila Grocery? Many of us locals have a habit of calling it it’s original name we all grew up with.

See, us locals really did prefer the bunch of old buildings, much more parking, very economical rents and housing prices, and it not being a destination “resort”, with the accompanying tourists that give not one iota about the place, which can be seen after every weekend, with the mounds of trash overflowing the barrels, and garbage littering the entire beach. And yes, that is not the “same beach and coastline”. During the clean-up, they built a cofferdam at the mean tide line, and literally removed the beach and coastline, including nearly all the old WPA wall. This caused a natural erosion that can be witnessed by the fully exposed rocks at the north end.

It’s not for any little reason we call it, “North Malibu”.


I agree, Avila looks better than ever, crowded yes, touristy, but clean, not to mention millions of gallons of oil just underneath the surface, pollution, etc. removed and remediated.

I remember the old Avila, yes funky, a little cheaper but not cheap, and certain restaurants where you wouldn’t want to look close at the hygiene…else you’d loose your appetite.


Decisions don’t go your way? Recounts to oblivion! Sue!


No. Cayucos does not need this. The only thing this gross, southern California transplant of a project would enhance is the bank accounts of the owners. Take your greed elsewhere.


Are many “high enders” gonna want to stay across the street from a mobile home park? Kind of doubt it.


Rest assured, that the Coastal Commission will see to it that the park can be “eminent domained” as soon as possible…