Illegal firework partially amputates person’s hand in Morro Bay

July 10, 2021


An illegal firework, shot off a boat in Morro Bay Thursday night, partially amputated a person’s hand, according to the city’s fire department.

At about 11:30 p.m., the person shot the firework off a 60-foot fishing boat off of the South T-Pier, the Morro Bay Fire Department stated in a tweet. Illegal fireworks are extremely dangerous and using them in Morro Bay will result in a $1,000 fine, according to officials.

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Amputated refers to purposefully removing a body part. Dude blew his damn hand off on accident.

Fingers Fly instead of Fireworks at Moron Bay.—would be a more appropriate lead.

Relax folks it’s Darwinism at work.

Buy dangerous rocket fireworks out of the trunk of some strangers car. Fire it off the deck of a rocking boat with no idea of what you are doing. Welcome to Natures Gene Pool Cleansing Party. Now go light that fuse!!

GOOD!!! I am SO happy to read this. I called SLOPD on the weekend of the 4th, again. They said they were not responding to reports of illegal fireworks. Last year I recovered mortar shells that had terrified a neighbor next door and set fire to their deck. I was threatened with arrest for going into the the a-hole’s driveway (he had fled) to retrieve the mortar bases which the SLOPD refused to accept (I still have them).

Same dude has illegal additions and a shed on pier blocks as a second unit connected with an extension cord, SLO City also not interested. The guy must know somebody.

You are happy to read someone got their hand blown off? There are way bigger fish to fry than you being “threatened with arrest” vs. the rest of the catch and release from real crimes that is going on in this state.

Yes, I am happy. And tired of a-holes terrorizing their neighbors knowing there no legal consequences, but there are other, albeit rare, consequences which are to be celebrated and the name for that is “karma”. No hard feelings, look forward to meeting and shaking “hands”, whatever is left, with this gentleman. Everybody doing this s**t needs to stop. I know the police won’t be there, so when this happens, yes, I am happy, very happy. Now if you will excuse me, I’m going to take my dog for a walk and continue my weekend of happiness.

You are happy that this person (idiot perhaps), blew part of his body off? Really?

Maybe we should just give him 20 years to life,


No, 20 years equals 2 million dollars of taxpayer money. He’s already getting free medical care and disability benefits he probably paid little if anything to earn. Though I could be happier, I’m happy enough with the way things turned out.

Dude, you need to get some help.

“Though I could be happier”…How? Do you mean you’d be happier if he died? Im way more worried about idiots like you than some guy lighting off some fireworks. You need help.

“GOOD”? Really? smh…

“Mortar shells”? Really? smh again…

Yes, they were incendiary 2″ mortar shells and burning when they hit the ground. I save my compassion for people with cancer, et al, and I donate generously to those in need. And what does “smh” stand for?

Man, you don’t get it.