Walmart settles with SLO County in price gouging case

July 10, 2021

SLO District Attorney Dan Dow

Walmart agreed Friday to pay $9,000 to San Luis Obispo County after violating price gouging prohibitions during the pandemic.

Gov. Gavin Newsom issued an executive order 0n April 3, 2020, prohibiting the sale of medical or emergency supplies that a retailer had not previously sold for “an unconscionably excessive price.” The order defined prices excessive that were 50 percent greater than the amount the business paid for the item.

In May 2020, Walmart started selling disinfecting wipes at an exorbitant profit. The disinfecting wipes were sold eight times to six separate households in San Luis Obispo County from May through June 22, 2020.

After discovering the violation, the SLO County District Attorney’s Office requested Walmart pay a civil penalty of $1,500 and an additional $7,500 for costs incurred in the investigation.

On Friday, SLO County Superior Court Judge Ginger E. Garrett approved a settlement stipulation of $9,000 between Walmart and the county.

“Protecting consumers in San Luis Obispo County increases the public’s trust in local business and fosters a level playing field for businesses in our community and beyond,” said District Attorney Dan Dow. “This important settlement sends a strong message that we are looking out for everyone who lives in our community.”

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Walton Family net worth? $235 Billion. Do they really need more? Yet they price gouge as a matter of practice in a pandemic and pay very little in taxes on their wealth.

In addition; we, the taxpayers, get to subsidize their wealth accumulation by under writing the healthcare costs of the underpaid Walmart employee on Medicaid.

Welfare cheats, including rich corporate ones, really suck.

Who else would inforce the law ? Or just ignore the law?

Oh my god Dan Dow that is amazing. Since the Governor had already put a decree in place to stop the practice which by law was already illegal how does your grand standing gesture help the public? On top of that the Class Action Lawsuit filed against Walmart for this practice that will put money back in the hands of consumers and not in the coffers of greedy government employees, how does your bullshit headlining crap help the public. Once again, you have proven how ineffective and inept you are.

Does not even pay a month of Dow’s salary … man, this is sad

Oh my god Dan Dow what a stud! I feel so cared for by you. You’re amazing!

So, do the 6 households get the $1,500, and the County pension fund gets the remaining $7,500?

Measly $9,000 from the richest corporation in world?

It’s the fish whom saved Pittsburgh

*who”…it’s “who”

$9k? You really showed them.