Paul Flores’ sex life revealed, numerous rapes alleged

July 15, 2021

Paul Flores


A San Luis Obispo County judge Wednesday refused to allow prosecutors to add two Los Angeles rape charges to the case against Paul Flores, charged in the 1996 murder of Kristin Smart.

Judge Craig van Rooyen said there was no evidence of a rape in the Kristin Smart case. Without that, prosecutors could not add the rape cases. They could not use a stronger case to support a weaker case, van Rooyen said.

SLO County Deputy Dist. Atty. Christopher Peuvrelle had argued that Flores had a history of raping drugged or intoxicated women. He said there was a nexus to the murder charge and the alleged rapes.

“Its the same MO, Paul Flores waits until the end of the night, targets women who are too drunk or drugged, and takes them home,” Peuvrelle said. “Paul Flores is a defendant who likes to rape and drug women.”

In a file labeled “practice,” Paul Flores stored homemade rape videos of himself having sex and sodomizing women, Peuvrelle said. During a 2020 raid of Flores’ San Pedro home, deputies discovered multiple rape videos with titles like “Drugged and raped while passed out” and “Blond high school girl in skirt gets raped.”

Investigators also found two bottles of date rape drugs in Flores’ home, Peuvrelle said.

Robert Sanger, Flores’ defense attorney, accused the prosecution of attempting to bolster a nonexistent case against his client with propensity evidence by adding the rape charges from Los Angeles.

Sanger also criticized the SLO County Sheriff’s Office investigation. He argued that on June 6, 1996, investigators concluded that Paul Flores killed Kristin Smart. That, Sanger said, resulted in investigators failing to follow other leads.

Sanger suggested that any number of men would have a motive to kill Kristin Smart as he attacked her reputation, life, past relationships and personal history. Denise Smart, Kristin Smart’s mother, was left in tears.

After denying Puevrelle’s motion to amend the complaint and add the rape charges, Judge van Rooyen moved the preliminary hearing from July 20 to Aug. 2. The preliminary hearing will determine whether van Rooyen decides that Flores should be put on trial for murder.

It is now up to the Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office to file charges on the alleged rapes.


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Robert Sanger is one of the best criminal defense attorneys in the State. If you were charged with a crime you would run not walk to his Santa Barbara office. He is expensive probably 5-$600 an hour. He has almost 50 years of experience!

Which makes him unaffordable to the average person.

But so are other attorneys who are exceptional in various specialities. Their fees also depend on what part of the state they are in. In a recent survey most attorneys polled said they couldn’t afford themselves if they needed a lawyer.

In Sanger’s case he represents people on death row for free because he is morally opposed to capital punishment.

Defending people charged with crimes is not a popular field because most of your clients are guilty of something and you have to deal with them going to jail. Plus, you have to deal with the rath of the victims. The burden is still on the people to prove the offense beyond a reasonable doubt.

In the Flores case he sounds guilty, we want him to be guilty but the slime ball may be innocent of the Smart murder and guilty of some other murder or murders or the rapes in L.A. He may be guilty of all kinds of stuff but it has to be proved beyond a reasonable doubt. Keep in mind the State has had 25 years to charge this guy and didn’t have the evidence.

In 2006 Sanger represented me in a trumped up charge that could have landed me in prison for 40 years. It looked like I was guilty, a lot of people wanted me to be guilty but I wasn’t. Sanger’s skills kept an innocent person free.

Throngs of innocent people pled guilty to crimes they didn’t commit in plea bargains because the risk of conviction even if small carriers long prison sentences and they can’t afford an attorney or don’t qualify for legal aid which generally means a plea bargain anyway.

I had to sell my house to pay Bob and I would do it again. So, what is the solution to these problems in the criminal justice system? Simple, crawl under your bed and stay there indefinitely.

I was the last person anyone would have thought would be charged with a crime. Tomorrow it could be you. Shit happens.

Sanger is doing the same job for Flores that you would have him do for you. When he took the case he knew he might make the victims mother cry but that isn’t his concern. He is fighting for his client and that’s his job,

Don’t get me started on the “prison industrial complex” we have to keep a certain amount of people in prison so that all the people involved in their care can have jobs. And they provide the slave labor that thousands of corporations rely on. Google it,


Defense attorney’s regularly help guilty people walk free. Often knowingly defending a guilty party due to the payments.

OJ, Casey Anthony, George Zimmerman, Robert Blake, Michael Jackson — the defense attorney’s who got them acquitted, are just as guilty as the perp.

Flores obviously has spent decades taking advantage of drunk/drugged women. Help him walk-free and you’re an accomplice afaiac.


Robert Sanger…..Your attempt to trash Kristin is low and dirty and WILL backfire. Reducing Kristin’s mother to tears in addition to all the pain she has endured for 25 years makes you a very special monster in your own right. There is a special place in hell for lawyers like you.


Does SLO County just breed these horrible parents? Ruben and Susan Flores are running a close race with Lyle and Margaret Porter as worse ever parents of monsters. Lyle is already gone to his hell and is waiting for Ruben to join him. Susan and Margaret…..You enabled your sons to prey on innocent vulnerable victims. All four of these parents will rot in hell while their sons rot in prison.


there surely seems to be a common denominator here! be on the lookout, as there are two younger Porter brothers'(4 brothers total). One looks just like Jason Porter and the other like Damion. Margaret has east coast connections from growing up there.guess Flores has the same kind of connections as Margaret.


Karma will really catch up with this guy once he lands in prison.


Once again, @ public expense. How much do we have to spend on this piece of trash. His parents should have intervened. Nobody sane covers up an “accident”. What else are the parents hiding about themselves?


SLO DA throwing poop on the wall hoping some will stick .Media reported human blood found in dirt under deck … DNA test can be done in an hour and Smarts family donated DNA would be sufficient to show if the human blood found is Miss Smarts blood ..but without DA providing instant DNA test results it has the appearance of more poop throwing


My goodness, Flores truly IS one sick f–k! Those that have allowed him to remain free/alive all these years after he murdered Ms. Smart are going to have a great deal to answer for. In this life or the next.

I have to wonder if Flores and his parents have read Dante Alighieri’s Inferno?

Yeah, probably not. No matter what, all three are f—-d for eternity.


Attorney Robert Sanger sounds like a swell guy… someone a mobster might like to hire. If I ever meet him, I’d love to spit in his eye.


Carmel Sanger would agree, if she could. who exactly is Sanger retained by, for the flores boys? Isn’t this the same sanger who defended Michael Jackson? who can afford an attorney of that caliber (no pun intended).


my bad different sanger


Sadly this does not surprise me. Van Rooyen is a former D.A. who has a history going back at least 14 years of, in his own words, “making an example” out of women who attempt to protect themselves in a domestic abuse situation. Why then would he ever want to do anything to help convict Paul Flores?


ruth vanrooyen (coos bay oregon), her mother and debra steiner vanrooyen of Mass.(her minor child kidnapped and taken to another country) would agree. if they could.


All Flores needs to practice from here on out is rotting in prison.