San Luis Obispo leads the Central Coast in hate crimes

July 1, 2021

California Attorney General Rob Bonta


The city of San Luis Obispo leads the Central Coast in the number of hate crimes reported to law enforcement in 2020, according to a report from the California Attorney General’s Office.

There were 12 hate crimes reported in SLO last year, with 12 victims and eight suspects. Throughout the rest of SLO County, there were only two additional hate crimes.

For perspective, there were five hate crimes reported in Santa Barbara County last year, with no more than two in any one city.

During 2020, there was an epidemic of racially motivated hate crimes in California, said Attorney General Rob Bonta. At the same time, the number of religious affiliation and sexual orientation based hate crimes declined.

Overall, reported hate crimes increased 31% in California from 1,015 in 2019 to 1,330 in 2020. Hate crimes involving a racial bias increased 67.3% from 523 in 2019 to 875 in 2020.

•Anti-black or African American hate crimes rose from 243 in 2019 to 456 in 2020, an increase of 87.7%.

•Anti-Hispanic or Latino hate crimes rose from 110 in 2019 to 152 in 2020, an increase of 38.2%.

•Anti-Asian hate crimes rose from 43 in 2019 to 89 in 2020, an increase of 107%

•Anti-white hate crimes rose from 39 in 2019 to 82 in 2020, an increase of 110.3%.

“We are in the midst of a racial justice reckoning in this country,” Bonta said. “Ultimately, it is going to take building bridges to make a difference. Together we can tackle hate in all its forms.”

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I like to come here and read the comments. It’s a master class in mental gymnastics, for free!

Is that ever the truth, the mental gymnastics with COVID, race relations and climate change, wow.

Any crime against another person is a bad situation…but somehow in this current climate I’m not sure all those classified as “hate crimes” are racially motivated. Unless the perps verbalize their personal demented thoughts, who decides and what is their criteria?

If only there was a professional service that investigates crimes and why they were committed.

If only there was another professional service that took those investigations and prosecuted them in front or a bunch of people who decide the guilt or innocence of a person.

If only we had a system like that!

More like an increase of crimes reported as hate crimes. Everything is about race these days :/ smdh

Or, Mr Bonta can ignore the complaints of so-called hate crime, that start off with “..he/she looked at me funny..”, or “..they asked me where I’m from..”, or “..I could see the hate and racism in their eyes..”.

No doubt, once you take away the made up claims, all those numbers will come down.

BTW, isn’t murder rather hateful? And shouldn’t Santa Maria be on the top of the Central Coast list for it?

I suspect the number of hate crimes committed against Caucasians is in reality, a whole lot more. Sadly, there seems to be a growing number who actually believe that Caucasians are incapable of suffering hate crimes, and that non-Caucasians are incapable of committing hate crimes.

Just another sad example of racial bigotry.

What are you talking about? This entire report refutes what you just said. Hate crimes against whites are documented here.

Caucasian, literally, refers to people native to the Caucasus, and the article says nothing about hate crimes against that particular ethnic group. So either you self-identify as a Caucasus native or are ignorantly using the term as a synonym for “white”.

In any case, care to enlighten us exactly why you “suspect” there are a “whole lot more” hate crimes committed against “Caucasians”? Did those nasty non-white kids give you wedgies and stuff you in your locker when you were growing up?




North American

white-skinned; of European origin.

“twenty of the therapists were Caucasian, two were African American, and two were Hispanic”

That’s the truth!

Hate crime numbers accuracy greatly depends on whom is classifying the crime…

Wow! The highest increase in hate crimes by percentage, is against whites. Kind of goes against the narrative being presented by many in the media along with leftist politicians and their voters.

I guess if you’re white, and living in the city of San Luis Obispo, you best be careful. With all that’s happened over the last couple of years, it appears the hate crimes and violence can be attributed the words and actions of Mayor Harmon, Tiana Arata and her attorneys.

It proves that the real racist, bigots, divisive rhetoric, and especially hate, is coming from the above mentioned and their insurgent followers. Lets see how they spin this.

82 crimes against whites as compared to 456 against blacks—more than 400% higher. Sure, whatever you say.

You forgot to factor in blacks represent 1/4 the size of the white population—nationally. Which makes the disparity even worse by a factor of 4.

Sorry, but the story stated that hate crimes against whites, up 110%. Fact.

It’s my hope there would be no hate crimes against any ethnicities. Unfortunately we are living in a fallen world filled with discrimination across the spectrum of all ethnicities. Fact, per above story.

SLO population (2011) compared to hate crime numbers.

Hate crimes against Caucasians 82 divided by total population 224,800 equals 0.04%

Hate crimes against African Americans 456 divided by total population 5,882 equals 7.75%

This indicates 194 times greater Hate crimes against African Americans compared to Caucasians, 7.75% divided by 0.04% equals 193.75, say 194.

Let’s blame it on a “fallen world” using derivatives from the Adam and Eve narrative, which btw has different interpretations.

Your mind is ridiculously biased.

Spin it, deny it, or just don’t believe it, but between 2019-2020, hate crimes against whites here in California went up 110%. Did you not comprehend that in the story? Its not my numbers, it’s your Progressive California A.G. Rob Bonta who is spewing the numbers that you’re all in a wad about. Maybe you should slowly re-read the story and see if you can find it.

It’s probably best if don’t refer to “interpreting scripture” or accusations of bias without the word hypocrisy going before it all.

Know next to nothing about Bonta nor do I think the standard “Progressive” would think me one. You categorize based on preconceived notions. Why bother doing this?

Also, notice it says “reported”. How many were actual convictions? What were the specific hate crimes? Why is there so much detail missing from the article?

What’s truly remarkable in retrospect is that while Harmon, Arata, et al. were whining about “systemic racism” — something unknown to SLO County, they were clearly working overtime to implant it locally.

Thank goodness their efforts didn’t take root.

That’s truly lowlife behavior, hence the huge dislike for Harmon, Arata, et al.

Say it ain’t so, not in Hedi-ville.