California teachers required to be vaccinated or test weekly

August 12, 2021

Gov. Gavin Newsom

California Gov. Gavin Newsom announced Wednesday that the state is requiring teachers and school staff to be vaccinated against the coronavirus or agree to weekly testing.

While approximately 90% of teachers have been vaccinated, there are concerns about support staff who appear to have lower vaccination rates. Newsom voiced his concerns with the surging delta variant and its impact on schools.

“We think this is the right thing to do and we think this is a sustainable way to keeping our schools open,” Newsom said. “It’s science based. It’s based upon argument, evidence. It’s based upon data. And it’s based upon the vexing challenge that we all face now.”

Newsom previously imposed a statewide mask mandate for schools, which includes vaccinated students. The mask rule doesn’t apply to children under 2 years old, or those with some medical or mental health conditions.

Last week, Newsom said school districts could decide what to do about children who refuse to wear masks, which led to groups of parents demanding districts disregard Newsom’s mask mandate.

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I do not trust the reported numbers of unvaccinated teachers and health care workers…I think many of them that are not vaccinated have good reasons…like they have already had covid 19 or they are going through treatment for something else right now….

This is what happens when the people we should be able to trust keep getting things wrong….or worse they are caught lying….we need a solid message and complete transparency and we are not getting that…the FDA hasn’t even signed off on the vaccine yet and people are being bullied to get the thing…this is being handled very poorly by the administration at both the state and federal level….its unarguable…

I am not interested in joining the band wagon but the test results clearly show that we will likely stay alive with the vaccine and possibly die without it. So fasten your seat belts or put on the motorcycle helmets because it’s time to limit microbial risk so we can spend that legacy money. Thank you to the human testers and no this is not science fiction.

First – the teacher’s union agreed to this with no strings attached? Doubtful

Second – why not other public employees? LEO, fire, DMV? Or are their votes not as assured in September?

“Why not other public employees?” Well, what other public employees are in close and constant daily contact with our vulnerable children who are too young to receive the vaccine?