Comparing SLO County’s COVID-19 cases to other counties

August 21, 2021

After almost two months of increasing COVID-19 case rates, the rise of new infections rates has slowed in California, though students returning to school are likely to have an impact.

The Delta strain is a leading factor in the increase in infections across the Central Coast, according to health officials. Of those infected since January in San Luis Obispo County, 97.5% were unvaccinated.

Cornavirus rates per 100,000 residents:

Kings County — 53.6 cases

San Luis Obispo  County — 36.6 cases

Fresno County — 34.7 cases

Los Angeles County — 28.6 cases

Ventura County — 27.8 cases

Kern County — 26.4 cases

Tulare County — 26.0 cases

Santa Barbara County — 24.2 cases

San Benito County — 18.7 cases

Monterey County — 12.2 cases

During the past three days, 425 SLO County residents tested positive for the coronavirus and one died. There are now 42 SLO County residents in the hospital receiving treatment for the virus, with 10 in intensive care.

Of the 425 new cases, Paso Robles leads with 94 cases, followed by Atascadero with 71, San Luis Obispo with 64 and Nipomo with 30.

As of Friday afternoon, 24,162 people in SLO County have tested positive for the virus and 274 have died.

There have been 4,218,769 positive cases, and 65,038 deaths in California.

More than 38,402,116 U.S. residents have tested positive for the virus, and 644,312 have died.

In addition, the number of people infected with the virus worldwide continues to increase: 211,912,327 cases with 4,433,640 dead.

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Trumpers on Parade:

“You can’t make me take no devil’s liquid”

Of all the crazy shyte he says, it’s encouraging people to get the vaccine that gets him booed??? That really shows how unhinged his supporters have become.

“John McCain is no war hero.”


“I recommend getting the vaccine.”


It’s also telling how quickly he cowered, backed down and weakened his message so he wouldn’t lose the validation he so desperately needs.

Why are counting cases, after a year and a half, still making headlines? Serious question ..I would like to know

Because deaths in our community from a communicable disease are newsworthy.

Because those with COVID were nearly five times more likely to die than flu patients.

So far, 240 deaths from COVID in Kings County … fathers, mothers, siblings, children …

So don’t give me your BS about how the statics aren’t perfect, deaths from car accidents, pneumonia deaths, religious stance, political resentment, your freedom, your irrational poorly researched fear of mRNA vaccinations … blah, blah, blah.

With all our medical and control efforts, the number of dead are overwhelming 644,312 in the US alone and how many have long haul Covid?

So knock off the tastelessly ugly, crass, immature remarks, downplaying and dumb false science. These deaths and major health effects are very real.

Get over it, grow up and get your dumb ass vaxxed TODAY.

I see those crazy Kings county antivaxxers are wreaking havoc on the stats.

Nobody caught the misinformation here.

“Of those infected since January in San Luis Obispo County, 97.5% were unvaccinated.”

The vaccine wasn’t available until like April right? And at what point do we have people with 2 vaccinations? So ALL of the people in Jan, Feb and Mar were unvaccinated. That really skews the numbers doesn’t it?

A better stat would have been,

“Of those infected in August in San Luis Obispo County, XX% were unvaccinated.”

That would be meaningful information that we could use, rather than this misinformation.

But nobody, even the vaccine resistant, seems interested in telling the truth.

Talk about skewing the numbers… You’re really going to stand by “ALL of the people in Jan, Feb, and March were unvaccinated”.

Everyone I know was vaccinated by March! There, I fixed your misinformation for you.

Well actually, factually speaking vaccinations began in January. So you are indeed wrong. First responders began as early as December.

Now do the numbers for pneumonia. I think you’ll find pneumonia numbers to be as high or higher, but no one seems concerned about that.

Really? Going back to the bs facebook comparisons is so 2019.

When was the last time a republican state did this for pneumonia.

Mississippi’s top health official Friday threatened jail time for people diagnosed with Covid-19 who don’t isolate in their homes.

ANOTHER deflection, get vaxxed, encourage other to get vaxxed, if only for your wine business

SLO County is a big #2.. how fitting.

Also, do we add both #’s from Atascadero?

“Of the 425 new cases, Paso Robles leads with 94 cases, followed by Atascadero with 82, Atascadero with 71, San Luis Obispo with 64 and Nipomo with 30.”

Which county tests the most? No one thinks of that. There are so many things that could be taken into consideration.

ANOTHER deflection, “the data isn’t perfect”, get vaxxed

Give it a rest dude! My sister, her husband, and both of their kids WERE VACCINATED and all have tested positive for the virus as it swept through their house the last two weeks in Bakersfield. The data isn’t the only thing that isn’t perfect. The self-righteous “vax police” need to take a chill pill, or go smoke a big fatty and mind their own lives.

You can be vaccinated and still test positive. However, your symptoms will be much milder or even non-existent compared to if you were unvaccinated. Based on what you didn’t say, I’m guessing that “testing positive” was the only way they would have known they had the virus, so that is proof positive that the vaccine IS working.