Hundreds of Cal Poly students seeking COVID-19 vaccine exemptions

August 19, 2021


About 700 Cal Poly students have indicated they will apply for an exemption to the California State University system’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate, Cal Poly spokesman Matt Lazier told CalCoastNews.

Students have until Monday to inform Cal Poly of their vaccination status or plans or their intent to seek an exemption. With a projected enrollment of about 22,000 students for the upcoming school year, thus far, about 3% of Cal Poly’s student body is seeking a vaccine exemption.

University rules require students living on campus to have been fully vaccinated by Sept. 14. All other students planning on accessing the Cal Poly campus are required to have been fully vaccinated by Sept. 20.

Students can be granted exemptions for medical or religious reasons. Those who are granted an exemption must have a negative COVID-19 test taken within 72 hours before arriving on campus. Then, they must test again when arriving on campus and, furthermore, will need to take part in surveillance testing twice a week.


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2 points: 1] if those that are against vaccines feel so strong and confident about their information, then don’t use the area medical resources and stay at home if they eventually get COVID. 2] most value and respect the freedoms this country provides our citizens; this however is superseded by the safety of our society. Citizens are not allowed to jeopardize the safety of others. You cannot yell fire in a crowded theater, you are not free to drink while intoxicated or ignore traffic signals. Common sense people!

Cthulhu Colander

Mandatory testing for all students. That way we can track vaccine efficacy. The White House is already recommending booster shots, meaning that anyone already double vaxxed becomes a plague rat again next month anyway.


Dallas Morning News, 8/19/21 – “North Texas doctors have quietly developed a plan that seeks to prepare for the possibility that due to the COVID-19 surge the region will run out of intensive-care beds. If that happens, for the first time, doctors officially will be allowed to take vaccination status of sick patients into account along with other triage factors to see who gets a bed.”

Let THAT sink in anti-vaxxers.


Recall, they tried that already, even at Poly, when they converted the old Mott gym into an emergency ICU……and nobody came.

Remember the USS Hope? Dropped anchor in New York Harbor? Ready to take on any and all overflow from New York hospitals? Didn’t happen? Weighed anchor and went home?

Seattle, that built a 700 bed tent city for the waves of Covid zombies sure to be heading their way? Took it down for lack of use?

French and Sierra Vista, converted extra rooms for ICU Covid use? Didn’t need them?

Or, Newsom could put them all in nursing homes…


I think you missed the point, which was “doctors officially will be allowed to take vaccination status of sick patients into account along with other triage factors to see who gets a bed“. In other words, people who did the responsible thing and got a vaccine will be prioritized for hospital beds over people who did not get a vaccine. The choices you make have consequences, so that seems like a fair policy.


So, people who are less likely to get really sick or die, and need the least help from Doctors because they got the vaccination…

…will have priority over some who WILL likely die or get really sick, and absolutely require a Doctors care?

I thought Dr. Mengele was dead?


No but if someone requires an ICU bed and there is a choice between a vaccinated patient having a heart attack or an unvaccinated patient [by choice] who catches COVID, who do you think deserves the bed? There are not unlimited resources here.


Let’s see, the delta variant is just a tad more contagious [kidding, its a LOT more contagious], almost as contagious as measles. If you think this virus cant keep mutating until it is even deadlier, then I’d encourage you to take a beginners molecular biology class. Over 90% of current COVID hospitalized admissions are those that are unvaccinated. Our local hospitals are filling up and already to the point of having to cancel some elective surgeries. I’d say seeing that this is a once in a lifetime pandemic that being over prepared is probably the better and SMARTER option here. If you don’t think so then speak up, I’d like to hear why.