Hundreds of Cal Poly students seeking COVID-19 vaccine exemptions

August 19, 2021


About 700 Cal Poly students have indicated they will apply for an exemption to the California State University system’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate, Cal Poly spokesman Matt Lazier told CalCoastNews.

Students have until Monday to inform Cal Poly of their vaccination status or plans or their intent to seek an exemption. With a projected enrollment of about 22,000 students for the upcoming school year, thus far, about 3% of Cal Poly’s student body is seeking a vaccine exemption.

University rules require students living on campus to have been fully vaccinated by Sept. 14. All other students planning on accessing the Cal Poly campus are required to have been fully vaccinated by Sept. 20.

Students can be granted exemptions for medical or religious reasons. Those who are granted an exemption must have a negative COVID-19 test taken within 72 hours before arriving on campus. Then, they must test again when arriving on campus and, furthermore, will need to take part in surveillance testing twice a week.


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OK, so you choose to be dumb and opt out of the only thing that has proven to be of benefit to yourselves and, more importantly, to others.

Suggestion – Make all who choose to opt out pay for each and every test they must take. And if they test positive they must leave the campus for 2 weeks of quarantine.. If this causes them to miss some classes or spend some of their parents money – tough.


That’s a pretty cruel take for those that actually have medical conditions don’t ya think?


No, I think Paso has an excellent idea. Test positive – 2 week quarantine.

The health of the overwhelming majority needs protection from the poor health decisions of kooks.


Not at all.

Learn by doing.


The medical exemptions are going to be very specific and limited, e.g., demonstrated allergy to something in the vaccine, demonstrated anaphylaxis to a prior or first vaccinations, etc. My guess is that less than 10% of those applying for medical exemptions will legitimately qualify. The California Medical Board is also looking for those that are inappropriately handing out waivers to patients.

Tyler Durden

Who wants to be a desk mate or room mate with an unvaccinated person in an institution?



Another unvaccinated person would lol


And who wants to be in the room or desk next to them?


Who wants to be in the room after them?

Cough cough.

Jon Tatro

So they easily reach herd immunity with 97% vaccinated, the only people who should fear the 3% are the 3% themselves everybody else is relatively safe with their vaccination and their youth. This is a lot to do about nothing.

Francesca Bolognini

I understand your thinking, but the Delta variant is being pretty harsh on young people as well as those who would have been at risk in the original version and much more easily spread. We don’t need 700 people who could possibly spread disease they would catch in the proximity of others at the University. While the “herd immunity” at the school might be reached, it is not happening among the general population of SLO, where the children, who do not yet have a vaccine, are at a much greater risk of serious illness, permanent damage and death from the new variant and the immune compromised are not helped much by a vaccine.

University is a good place to learn social responsibility, if they have not picked this up at home.


Tatroo, you once again prove how clueless you are. Cal Poly doesn’t exist in a vacuum. Students live in and interact with the community, so “herd immunity” won’t happen while you and the rest of the North County Proud Boys refuse to man up, vax up, and mask up.

coronet blue

“My selfish entitlement allows me to kill other people”

Francesca Bolognini

Anyone notice how the Covid numbers in SLO were really low until the students came back to town and then they skyrocketed? I am of the opinion that anyone who applies for an exemption better have a really good medical reason or be denied. Perhaps there is some legal ground for the “religious” ploy, but I don’t buy it as a valid excuse to put the community at risk. Possibly carrying a deadly disease is like going around carrying a weapon that could randomly go off on anyone who got close. What religion would that be? One should only be allowed to put ones’ self at risk on religious grounds.


Then put us in camps and kill us if you hate us so much. Wouldn’t be the first time.


Oh pleeeeease

Tyler Durden

Cough Camp?

Francesca Bolognini

I am assuming you are a student. But it is a bit confusing as to how you equate wanting you to have a vaccine that would possibly save your life and that of others with “hate”. Leads me to believe your parents really had their hands full……


Cal Poly Campus

We don’t hate it’s just cringy at this point.


Your brilliant theory falls flat on its face if you consider the recent COVID surge happened during summer break when the students were gone.

Francesca Bolognini

The most recent surge is due to the DELTA VARIANT, which is a much more contagious strain of the original virus, that is running rampant among the unvaccinated. If you haven’t heard, it is also really hard on children, who do not yet even have an approved vaccine and are about to be sent back to school.

Save your sarcasm for when you are more up to date with the current developments.


Ha! “be more up to date” says the person who is bringing up Covid numbers from over a year ago. But you ended up proving my point because surges can happen for a variety of reasons. Correlation does NOT equal causation, so a surge happening when students return does not mean students were a primary or even a supplementary cause.


Lots of out of state plates and maskless tourists around the Slo hubs.


One has to wonder exactly how adults acted when vaccines for polio, smallpox, cholera, yellow fever, etc., etc., etc. first became available?


Well since those vaccines were studied for years before being approved for use and they actually give you immunity from the disease I expect they were uniformly welcomed.

The problem many have with the covid vaccines is that they were rushed and are approved under an emergency use authorization. The normal period of assessment of the vaccine for its efficacy and long term side effects is being done now, on the general population. The bad news is we don’t know what long term side effects may exist. The good news is that much will be learned about the successful use of mRNA that will help it to be successfully used in treating other more serious diseases.

Added to the possible safety concerns is the fact that the vaccine has been politicized. Remember last year when Biden was asked in a debate if he would get the vaccine and he that said he would not trust President Trump to deliver a safe and effective coronavirus vaccine.

Well today’s vaccine is the one developed while Trump was President.

Politics shouldn’t be involved in the decision to get vaccinated, but unfortunately it is. If Trump had won the election, liberals would be the ones refusing to get the shot and conservatives would be calling them “reckless” for endangering their fellow citizens.


I don’t think so. Polling even before Trump left office indicated that Democrats were far more likely to get vaccinated than Republicans.


Interesting how none of those were for respiratory viruses that require mucosal immunity. You’re comparing apples to oranges, which is faulty logic.


In addition to the tests that the school will do, they would be wise to require a “traffic-school”-like class for all unvaccinated students. Something to outline the benefits vs risks for the vaccine, it’s development, and the comparison to the benefits vs risks of alcohol, fatty foods, commonly used drugs, etc. It’s a university setting, after all – gotta take advantage of the opportunity to teach.


Well then don’t limit your traffic school idea just to students, require it of any customer that refuses to get vaccinated. Don’t forget that students are the paying customer of the university, just like any other business.


NO to the 700! Enroll somewhere else!

George Garrigues

“My religion allows me to kill other people.”


That’s been true for centuries.