Paso Robles police chief appointed to city manager position

August 13, 2021

Ty Lewis


The Paso Robles City Council has selected its current police chief, Ty Lewis, to become the North County city’s next chief executive.

Lewis has served as Paso Robles Police Chief for the past three years and has been a member of the city’s force for 20 years. Council members chose Lewis to become city manager following a months-long, nationwide search for an executive to fill the position. 

“We spoke to a number of quality individuals and at the end of the day, we decided that Ty best fit the organization’s needs,” Mayor Steve Martin said in a statement. “He has shown his leadership and communication skills, his knowledge of the unique challenges and attributes of Paso Robles, he analyzes information to make decisions and most importantly, he has a strong desire to serve Paso Robles to the best of his ability.”

Last November, then-Paso Robles City Manager Tom Frutchey announced he would retire in February. But, Frutchey remained on the job until April at the request of the council.

With the search for Frutchey’s replacement taking longer than expected, the council hired Greg Carpenter as Paso Robles’s interim city manager. The search for a full-time city manager involved Paso Robles community members and city executives, as well as a consulting firm. 

Lewis said in a statement that he is honored and humbled to have been asked to become city manager.

“I have spent my entire career in public service, 20 of those years here in Paso Robles,” Lewis said. “We have many economic, social, and political challenges facing our community and I feel privileged that I have been asked to help lead and guide our community into the future. I thank the city council and the community for their trust. I look forward to the opportunity to work with the 250 women and men of our organization who help make this city unlike any other!”

City officials credit Lewis with leading the community through a multi-day active shooter event and challenges related to the pandemic; increasing the number of sworn police officers, dispatchers and support personnel to all-time highs; and providing safety during civil unrest and protests while also respecting community members’ diversity, equity and inclusion concerns.

Earlier this year, Lewis encountered controversy after community members attached a pro-law enforcement “thin blue line flag” to a light post outside the Paso Robles Public Safety Center. After a resident complained that the flag was controversial and divisive, Lewis ordered that it be taken down. His decision drew rebuke from many community members who argued the flag display had been a show of support for law enforcement. Some residents thanked Lewis for removing the flag.

Lewis began his career in law enforcement by serving six years with the Porterville and Bakersfield police departments. He went on to serve in every rank of the Paso Robles Police Department. In addition to experience in law enforcement, Lewis holds a bachelor of science in business management from the University of Phoenix and a master of science in administration from Cal State Bakersfield.

The council is scheduled to formally appoint Lewis at its meeting next Tuesday. Lewis is expected to begin work as city manager on Aug. 23. He will receive an annual salary of $221,000.


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Maybe he’ll be a better City Manager than he was a Police Chief. Ty Lewis wouldn’t back his own department because of a thin blue flag – who can be against the flag that honors themselves? He also kneeled to a bunch of low life’s who were bused in for a BLM protest – yes, actually kneeled. He also was fooled into believing (and promoting) a new tax that was supposed to be only for safety personnel, when actually it was just another tax for the general fund in Paso. Now, come think about it, he would be a terrible City Manager.


Yeah this is the same Little suck up that ordered citizen emplaced Thin Blue Line decorations taken down in May because 1 jerk complained; wouldn’t support his own cops or the citizens that love them.

A guy that’ll do that kinda thing ain’t the kinda guy I want in public service, but seems to be where a bunch of em wind up. Proving once again, I guess, that cream ain’t the only thing that rises to the top..


Once Mr. Lewis retires as city manager, does he get two lifetime pensions? One from his police career and the second from being appointed as city manager? Not sure how that works…

Regardless, $221,000 a year is a ridiculously high salary for a city manager. Transparent California website lists salaries and benefits for city administrators and it may surprise you how much the top Paso city $taffers are being paid.


As that happens often he will likely draw his full pension now along with the city managers salary.


Wonder if the city counsel would have picked him had they known what really happened at the police department on the first night that Mason Lira started his shooting spree?


i am suspicious that the city council does not give a darn about us. They should have sent him to Siberia after the flag issue. I was really ticked off that shortly after that incident I was convinced by a city council member that overall Ty Lewis was a stout defender of Paso and did the right thing to remove and then other cities were displaying all sorts of PC flags. Burned again.