Secrets to SLO County marijuana mogul’s success, video

August 1, 2021


San Luis Obispo County’s marijuana mogul Helios Dayspring, who dreamed of being on the cover of Forbes Magazine as the richest man in California, touts his successes in a short video he created in 2017.

Last week, prosecutors charged Dayspring with paying thousands of dollars in bribes to then-San Luis Obispo Supervisor Adam Hill for favorable votes on his cannabis business interests and for tax fraud. Dayspring agreed to plead guilty to two felony offenses, pay $3.4 million in restitution to the IRS, and cooperate in the government’s ongoing investigation.

In another video, Dayspring’s partner Mike Siegfried claims they pay their taxes and operate legitimately.


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Lets not overlook who the receivers of bribe money are….elected politicians…they don’t take the money and put it into their savings account…they put it in their so called campaign funds account…another reason for taking money out of campaigns…public funding of campaigns only….no private money and no donors….and donated time on TV networks for debates…..and for Gods sake….term limits…..we need terms limited to four years maximum for elected officials and staff….

Jorge Estrada

The successful poppy growers in Afghanistan probably feel the same way about their haven in nature.


Caught by the IRS for tax fraud! Let’s support strengthening tax enforcement, specially for cryptocurrencies.

Eyes Everywhere

The first step everyone can take is to stay away from any cannabis business even remotely associated with Dayspring. There are other options.


The Tribune, with Helios’ businesses as the paper’s main advertiser, is claiming the business is now in Dayspring’s girlfriend’s name, so go ahead and shop there. What? It is time for the Tribune to consider the community and not the money they are receiving from organized crime. Every time CCN wrote about the corruption, the Tribune did a story about how great Helios was. When will it end?


Well some things I’ll say about this. New Times has ALWAYS consistently had NHC ads as well, although perhaps The Tribune’s ads were larger and on pages closer to the front more frequently.

I, along with everyone else at this point, is completely dumbfounded by the fact that looking back, this is basically the only publication that has covered this over the past 3 years, but I will say that it seems in the newest article about Helios, The Tribune pressed a bit, calling them and trying to get them to comment on the situation until one of their staff members hung up. Of course, this isn’t much and it is too little too late.

Basically all of the publications aside from this one are at a major crossroads right now – do they finally do the right thing, do some actual investigative journaling and report on this huge scandal (I am not embellishing, this whole situation is nothing less than an unprecedented scandal), and all the other blatant corruption surrounding this case, or do they continue forward by only lightly covering the stuff they HAVE to cover on the situation?


I say screw the Tribune, New Times, and any other liberal rag and never use then for anything except lining the bottom of cages. Let them catch what they’re full of along with any that are employed with them. The blatant hypocrisy and failure to cover news stories fairly is nothing new for the left-leaning media. Look no further than the failures of their comrades in the national media during the last election cycle.

Helios Dayspring is nothing more than a worthless scum bag that preyed on people and businesses for ill gains. He is ruthless, uncaring, arrogant, corrupt and deserving of life in prison. The Tribune and New Times along with those that run them and work for them are right there with him in the corruption and their worthlessness. They must be held accountable for their lack of ethics and fairness as failed news sources. What a complete embarrassment they all are to human decency. And that’s being nice!


The really disappointing thing about this whole thing is that the commenters on this site have known about Helios’ corruption for over 3 years and have been calling it out regularly. Take a look at the comment here by TheRealTruth in February 2019

What needs to be done so this becomes more mainstream knowledge? Why does it seem like this won’t even make a dent in his business, that despite all the bold face corruption, he will get away with just handing off the business to his girlfriend, so he will essentially still benefit? Also seems like only a dead person will be condemned when it’s clear many more in government were involved.

Does some big youtuber need to make a youtube video exposing all this information or something? I really don’t know, but sadly we cannot count on a single other publication in the county to report on it and the rest of them seem to be fine with being perceived as incredibly shady for ignoring Helios’ corrupt dealings for years and years.


The California Dream is to work hard, obey the laws of the land, pay your fair share of taxes, not exploit your vulnerable employees, not bride politicians, and not allow greed to lose your sense of right and wrong.


We shouldn’t be the least bit surprised by the lack of ethics shown by those involved in this industry. Remember, most of these “business” people were operating illegally prior to paying a few fees to suddenly become legit.

Are we really to believe these leopards suddenly change their spots? I think NOT.


I think saying this is industry wide works to this guys benefit. He is particularly corrupt. To say ALL people involved in this industry are as corrupt as Helios Dayspring vastly, vastly undersells how corrupt he is.

You can downvote this, but it’s true. If you make this an anti-cannabis thing instead of an anti-this particular corrupt asshole thing, you are only benefiting him to be honest.


That, Sir, is an insult to honest, hard-working leopards everywhere.


Please lock his sorry butt up and throw away the key and revoke any permits he has to operate his pot interests. Oh, please take the crooked politicians with him!


It sounds like he knew the FBI was looking into him and quietly transferred his interest in his pot busineses to friends and others, all legal like I’m sure, but agree any permits he got to start these businesses should be revoked and the now new owners should be made to start their own application process.


He literally transferred CEO to his girlfriend who he lives with and somehow will get away with it. Only answer to all the shit is a massive amount of people getting paid to be silent and sadly we’re all powerless to just watch it seems.