SLO County officials issue new indoor mask mandate

August 31, 2021


San Luis Obispo County is bringing back an indoor mask mandate for both vaccinated and unvaccinated people.

Health officer Penny Borenstein announced on Tuesday that masks – which will be required starting on Wednesday – are needed to fight the rising number of people hospitalized with COVID-19. There are currently 67 SLO County residents in the hospital receiving treatment for the virus, 20 in intensive care.

While more than 60% of SLO County residents over 12 are fully vaccinated, there have been 3,543 new cases and 18 deaths in August, compared with 163 cases and no deaths during the month of June.

During the past four days, 592 SLO County residents tested positive for the coronavirus and three residents died. Paso Robles leads with 166 new cases, followed by San Luis Obispo with 99, Atascadero with 83, Arroyo Grande with 49, Nipomo with 35 and Templeton with 30.

As of Tuesday afternoon, 25,729 people in SLO County have tested positive for the virus and 284 have died.

There have been 4,366,577 positive cases, and 65,885 deaths in California.

More than 40,114,099 U.S. residents have tested positive for the virus, and 657,910 have died.

In addition, the number of people infected with the virus worldwide continues to increase: 218,540,994 cases with 4,533,609 dead.

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Lucky you, Fleet, I have a an acquaintance who has died from Covid; three hospitalized on ventilators (two in their mid-thirties); and over a dozen who have caught it that I personally know of.

My wife has one friend in the hospital right now not knowing if she will live. This friend was vaxxed three (3) days prior to attending a super spreader event. Then she flew to see family. Yeah, she had the first shot but the first shot needs more than three days to kick in.

The moderator should remove your post as misinformation.

Maybe I am lucky, but just because I make a comment in the comment section stating my experience to date with the “pandemic “ doesn’t make it misinformation. But you’ll be happy to hear that I found out today I know another 5-6 people people that fell ill to covid. All recovered fine and this was before the vaccine. Hope this cheers you up!

It was not your “experience to date” I objected to, but the vague anecdotal evidence. Your five or six case evidence is a joke. Statistically speaking a too small of a sample to be statistically reliable. Think you are completely and utterly rationalizing or worse.

Sooo…what’s the endgame? The vaccine is extremely effective. If you want it you can get it, if you don’t you can assume that risk. The science is clear that covid is not going away, we have to live with it. Are we going to wear masks forever now? At what exact number of cases will finally be ‘safe’?

It’s not about public health at this point. The mask is the left’s MAGA hat, and they want to force everyone to wear it. If you want to live your life in terror, please put your two masks on, lock yourself in your house, and never come out again. We won’t miss you. But don’t try to drag the rest of us into your misery with you.

Don’t DRAG us into “your disease” through “your” irresponsible behavior.

Some end game scenarios:

Lol, Texas has fine schools, we won’t miss you.

I agree to a certain point but right now all are not available to be vaccinated. Once all have a choice then go for it but for now is it really that hard to put on a mask when you’re in a store? Does it suck heck yeah I don’t like masks either but it’s just one of the things that needs to be done to reduce spread. One of my kids tested positive a few days ago not quite old enough for a vaccine and is running a fever of 102.8 right now and naturally scared. Losing my parents(both in 60’s) 9 days apart last fall my family has seen how bad COVID can be. They didn’t get the chance to get the vaccine and unfortunately they lived in a deep red state where masks and social distancing where the work of socialists and communists coming for your freedom. It’s very possible they could still be with us today had people taken the necessary precautions to limit community spread and given them 2 more months for the vaccine release.

Very sorry to hear about your parents. Praying for you and yours. Maybe helpful:

Bless you for coming here and telling your experience.

Ty Mazin

I attended two super spreaders 20 days ago. First one 100+ people, the next day 300+ people. I saw only a couple of people wearing masks at each event. I did what I normally do during flu season. Don’t touch my face and wash my hands. I haven’t had the flu in over 30 years and I’ve never received a flu shot. I only know 3 people that tested positive for covid. Only one of the 3 ended up in the hospital. And that person was the only one of the 3 that was vaccinated.

There you have it folks, our local infectious disease fakexpert has confirmed there is nothing to worry about. Just follow his tried and true disease prevention technique:

  1. Don’t touch your face

  2. Don’t wash your hands

All the other real scientists make it sound like Covid is dangerous, but “Fleet” from SLO, who barely finished highschool, has never had the flu, and mouth-breathes for exercise — confirms we are safe.

I never claimed to be an expert and I did get the flu some 35 years ago. Maybe all that mouth breathing exercising I’ve done over the years have kept me from getting sick. Also I finished high school very easily. Since you brought up education, I’ve known people that didn’t finish the seventh grade that were pretty smart. I know people with master degrees that I find quite dumb. Maybe, just maybe there is a percentage of the population that may be immune to covid. Man that’s just crazy talk!

Yes, have been warning folks, and posting useful effective medical links and information, on this site since CCN’s first Covid article on 3/14/2020. People on this site thought I was crazy for warning about what was obliviously coming.

As for YOU, derasmus, how did your hydroxychloroquine work out? Did your advise save lives in our community or possibly cost them???? 284 persons in our County have DIED. How many listened to your advise or advise from your idiot ex-President?

Since you name yourself after an independent thinker, the Catholic priest Erasmus, you should try being an independent thinker. Your mind is frozen in ‘tit for tat’ ‘white hat black hat’ ideological framework, and your thoughts, while cleverly expressed, lack wisdom. I am sorry, but what I have said is true.

Don’t get vaxxed = another seriously ill to dead Trumper, bye

Question for all the anti masks/social distancing people. How many people have to die before you start doing the above? Is it a certain number or a percentage of people with COVID who die? 1 million? 5 million? Or a variant that starts killing 5% of infected? 10%? Right now 1 in every 500 Americans are dead whether they got infected or not. When we reach 1 million deaths that number then goes to 1 in 330. If HIV became airborne would you wear a mask? HIV doesn’t kill you unless you don’t take the anti-viral drugs. What does it take seriously?

Just let natural selection do it’s thing in culling the anti-science voting bloc. Mother nature restoring natural balance to voter suppression.

You mean the anti science folks occupying the White House now? The very experts that are pressuring the FDA to put out the booster without adequate data? I thought it was all about the data?

Apparently that is why two high level FDA scientists resigned today, political pressure from the White House.

So much for follow the science.

Wow I remember when Trump made all the info coming out of cdc go through him first because he wanted to control what was said. Biden jumped the gun for sure but has nothing to do with anti-science. Far right is anti-science just look at the southern states. In Florida republicans are fighting for state control instead of local control yet here they are fighting against state control and want local control. So which is it? Deflections coming…

Oh so when Τrυmр called it “warp speed” and rushed it out with even less data, you were fine with it, but now with a different administration, you suddenly think we now have “anti-science folks” in the white house? Science was nowhere near the building during the previous administration!

Lots of down votes but nobody with the gonads to answer

The downvotes are because they agree with what you said, but they hate COVID. ;)

Still nobody willing to answer a tough question? Keyboard cowboys maybe y’all have a future in politics.

I don’t care about the color of his face I care about the stupid stuff that comes out of his mouth. Would love to vote yes and get rid of newsom but unfortunately it’s no contest with the alternative.

Don’t want to wear a mask don’t go anywhere that requires one it’s pretty simple. Your personal freedoms end where mine begin

There must be an election coming up….mask up everyone!!!..hunker down…be safe….home of the brave is a misnomer….

Do you use government imposed seatbelts? Do you drive obeying government traffic laws? Do you wear clothing in public? If so, what cowardice and conformity by your logic.

As for elections, Rule #1: don’t kill off your voters or the friends and relations of your voters, duh.

Improper analogy

No it’s not those laws are for health and public safety so is masks

The problem with this is that Fauci, the WHO, the CDC, many governors and officials have been proven to be wrong, ignored and censored people who disagreed, allowed a falsified article to be published in the Lancet, thwarted efforts to provide early treatments and overall have been responsible for a total debacle. I have spoken to an expert on these types of things and he predicted that masking would lead to worse strains like the Delta variant and make it impossible to have herd immunity. Also the media lionized Cuomo who turned out to be a liar, serial abuser and probably guilty of crimes against humanity. So now I don’t care what the establishment says, their credibility is blown sky high. I wonder if this won’t make it past the moderator either.

There will never be herd immunity for a coronavirus no matter what the more it transmits the more it mutates pretty simple science. We have the delta variant because of high rates of transmission which is because of people who won’t wear a mask and keep a few feet in between them and others. We are the United States of America because George Washington quarantined a fort during winter because of an infectious disease that would’ve decimated our fragile army at the time. Google it and then tell me George Washington was a tyrant. Trump and his cronies are responsible for this mess they have tried at every turn to not get this under control(and continue doing so). Inject some disinfectants or eat some horse paste that’s the advice we get from the far right to fight covid.

Ad this so called facebook expert is?

Be sure to thank all the anti-vaxers and anti-maskers who refused to take any personal responsibility to prevent this resurgence. This is entirely on them. And if you think this is bad, just wait until you see the numbers we’ll get if we have a Governor Elder rolling back all mask and vaccine mandates.

Well if we’re going to play the blame game let’s start with China. The are without a doubt responsible for the all of this this. The lies and deceit by them and the WHO have tremendous responsibility for the spread. Why are so many not calling them out for the cause of all this. This is entirely on them.

They started the problem but we can’t go back and change it we can only control how we deal with it. feel like I’m talking to my 6 yr old.

I’m paraphrasing Santayana but , “Those who ignore the lessons of history are destined to repeat it.”

You are just deflecting.

I agree with you, but to answer your question, when one beats up on China (and rightfully it should be the CCP), the person begins to sound like Trump. Beating up on the CCP or being antagonist to China is a kind of a “dog whistle “ that Trump haters zero in on and sometimes find objectionable.

Conversely, many on the right see a mask as a virtue signal and a kind of symbol for being against Trump. ( not withstanding the scientific efficacy of masking, Trump was combative and antagonist about mask wearing when pressed).

Hence, mask wearing by many is in part a symbol of Trump hatred while China bashing (regardless of the facts) equals a Pro Trump position.

But I do agree with you regarding the questions regarding the origin of this virus, the secrecy, the timing, the deception by the CCP and the WHO.

Just my opinion, I welcome yours.

Pandora’s box is open no going back. If people believe(and very possible) that COVID is from gain of function research at the wuhan lab should be double masking because that means it’s been given the function to mutate into worse variants. That’s what gain of function is researchers want to know how bad it can get.

You’re welcome, Fred. I’m sorry you feel the way you do, but we still love you and wish you well. To anyone reading this, please remember to continue resisting medical tyranny. Do not be afraid this time. “Health officer Penny Borenstein” isn’t your master. She is un-elected, and has no authority over you. Continue to peacefully resist, dear brothers and sisters. Better to be free and die than to submit your body and mind to slavery. Look at poor Fred here.

Mother Nature separating the wheat from the chaff.

Yep republicans taking the brunt of it. Even Trump is worried about how many of his followers are dying which I never thought he would care about then I realized it’s not the person and their families he’s worried about it’s their vote.

Dude, it’s not the vote it’s the $$$.

Or the vaxxed from the government and science suspicious unvaxxed.

Guess the party of personal responsibility doesn’t like it when you point out their lack of personal responsibility.

There is a site dedicated to thanking them.

Maybe Elder can drive all you leftists somewhere more to your liking, like Hawaii

Did newsom drive you to Texas or Florida? You are free to go if you don’t like it here. You are free to spread the virus as much as you want there