Templeton man accused of traveling overseas for sex with children

August 16, 2021


A 53-year-old Templeton man, who bragged he had sex with children during his travels to the Philippines, was sentenced Monday to 15 years in federal prison for child pornography offenses.

James Davolt pled guilty on June 4 to receipt and distribution of child pornography.

In seeking a 15-year sentence, prosecutors argued that some images depicted children under the age of 2 being used for sexual acts, and other images portrayed sadistic or masochistic sexual conduct involving children.

FBI agents uncovered approximately 738 images and 204 videos depicting child pornography, including videos involving the sexual abuse of toddlers and infants, on Davolt’s electronics.

FBI agents also discovered more than a decade of chat messages with women in the Philippines in which Davolt not only “explicitly requested child pornography videos, but also directed the sexual exploitation of children via webcam,” according to a sentencing memorandum filed by prosecutors. “Davolt bragged about how he previously had sex with children while visiting the Philippines (which defendant, in fact, traveled to on 12 to 13 occasions) and made plans to have sex with children in an upcoming visit.”

The mother of one victim said her daughter suffered from “prolonged major trauma” that will affect “her mind for the rest of her life,” according to a victim impact statement

United States District Judge Virginia A. Phillips imposed the 180-month sentence and further ordered that Davolt be under supervised release for the rest of his life.

The FBI conducted the investigation in this case. Assistant United States Attorney Amy E. Pomerantz of the Violent and Organized Crime Section prosecuted the case.


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Francesca Bolognini

People who commit these types of crimes are mentally ill. Very mentally ill. They do not “recover” or reform. That is why I do not understand the release of such people back into society for an opportunity to recommit. It is not like they could have “paid their debt to society” and all is now forgiven, so give them another chance. When it is a mental defect, that just translates as another “chance” to victimize the most vulnerable, making the insanity on our part. What will be changed about this guy in 180 months? The only hope for potential victims is that he would not survive to be released.


You misspelled “Matt Gaetz”


This case really cries out why the Death penalty needs to be reinstated.

So many Heinous crimes are being committed.

Time to put some real bite into reform.

Really, videos of under two years old?


Just send him to prison, and keep him in the general population. No special treatment.

You will get what you want, without the added cost to the taxpayer.