California man caught with bayonet and machete near DNC headquarters

September 13, 2021


United States Capitol Police officers arrested a California man who was armed with a bayonet and machete outside the Democratic National Committee headquarters early Monday morning and who allegedly promoted white supremacist ideology while claiming to be on patrol.

At about midnight, a Special Operation Division Officer was on patrol when he noticed a Dodge Dakota pickup truck with a swastika and other white supremacist symbols painted on it outside the DNC headquarters. The truck had no license plate. Rather, it had a picture of an American flag where the license plate should have been, according to the Capitol Police.

The officer pulled over the truck in the 500 block of South Capitol Street. Investigators noticed a bayonet and machete inside the truck, which are both illegal in Washington, D.C.

Officers arrested the driver, 44-year-old Donald Craighead of Oceanside, for possession of prohibited weapons. Craighead said he was on patrol and began talking about white supremacist ideology and using other rhetoric pertaining to white supremacy, according to the Capitol Police.

The Capitol Police Investigations Division is continuing to investigate Craighead. It is not clear if Craighead was planning to attend any upcoming demonstrations or if he has ties to previous cases in or around the Capitol.

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Judging from the messy car interior and effed-up interests, this guy never gets laid. The Capitol Police just busted a 44 year old skinhead virgin.

“All initial reports are wrong.”

Rob Bryn


I was going to let it slide, until the mention of “expert”.there are a lot of pseudo expert in this county.may i suggest a pair of glasses?

Perfectly normal. Perfectly sane.

The knife in photo is a $9.95 hunting /survival knife from Harbor Freight Tools it has a compass and matches inside the handle AKA survival knife ….I don’t see a machete or a bayonet ….I do see the interior of a vehicle that appears to belong to a homeless person that has a drug problem/mental problems due to the writings on dash and steering wheel and who would posess weapons to survive on the crime ridden streets….I think this situation is being blown out of proportion by the fake media ….since when is a Harbor Freight Knife illegal ?? The arrested person might have stored drugs in the handle also ….but I don’t see it unscrewed to reveal the contents

Despite your attempt to blame the “fake media”, the following is an exact quote from the press release written and released by the United States Capital Police:

The officers noticed a bayonet and machete, which are illegal in Washington, D.C., inside the truck.

So it was the police, not the media, that described what they found as a “bayonet” and “machete“. But of course you, Mr Internet Expert know way more from looking at a single low res photo on the internet than the highly trained officers who were actually present on the scene. I suppose you will insultingly call them the “fake police” now because what their findings don’t align with your radical narrow-minded expectation of the world. The fact you used the term “fake media” says it all about the extremist ideology you follow.

I did 26 years in the US Army, and certified a Small Arms Master Gunner. That is not a bayonet used by any military of any country. Yes, I really am a weapons expert.

Sure but understand you are looking at one small photo showing the inside of the suspect’s car that clearly does not show all of the items that the police charged the suspect with possessing. No photo showing a full breakout of everything the police found has been published. Rest assured that if the police charged him with the wrong section of the penal code, the DA or courts will sort it out. And if not, I’m sure you can volunteer to help the suspect’s defense team as their “weapons expert”.

Looks like a copy of a USMC Kbar.

There are many cheap copies available of a legendary blade.