Paso Robles shooting victim’s road to recovery

September 29, 2021

Justin Bice


The 29-year-old man whom a gunman shot in the head in Paso Robles on Sunday is breathing on his own and often awake, according to a GoFundMe set up on his behalf.

In a weekend crime spree, Carlos Luis Chavez, 20, allegedly robbed three people at gunpoint in Atascadero, then shot Justin Bice, 29, in the side of the head inside a home on Dorothy Street in Paso Robles. Bice was transported to Sierra Vista Regional Medical Center, where he underwent surgery.

Bice’s family says he will lose his left eye because of damage on the left side of his brain. Bice can speak, but his short-term memory appears to have been impacted. [KSBY]

Carlos Luis Chavez

Jeremy Adams, Bice’s brother, said it is too soon to determine the extent of his sibling’s injuries or how well Bice is actually doing.

Doctors did not find any bullet fragments in Bice’s brain, Adams said. But, they needed to perform surgery to remove skull fragments from his brain.

Prior to the shooting, Bice was working full-time at a local window installation company. His family is now asking for assistance.

“By the grace of God, Justin is still alive, but we will not know more on his condition until later,” the GoFundMe page states. “Right now, we are reaching out to our friends and community to kindly ask for your assistance in a donation so that our family can help pay for Justin’s up and coming unexpected medical expenses and future therapy that may be ahead. Again, we appreciate all the support, prayers and assistance.”

Paso Robles officers arrested Chavez in San Miguel and booked him in San Luis Obispo County Jail Sunday evening on charges of being a felon in possession of a firearm and attempted murder. Chavez remains in custody with his bail set at $500,000.


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It is too late for Chavez, He probably will get a prison sentence, but that will be of no use. Our justice system is severely flawed and will have to be changed before anything significant can happen to stop or slow down crimes like this. From his mug shot, Chaves seems to have a ‘smug’ look that says ” I don’t give a damn” – I made points with my gang, and they will protect me and teach me to do better while I spend a couple of years living off the tax-payers of this state.

Too bad, there isn’t a better way to deal with scum like this.


Parents are doing a great job at keeping their kids out of gangs in Paso. /s

In just the past few years there’s a slew of gang-associated shooters/murderers out of Paso: Jose Hernandez Jr., Kejuan Bynum, Lauro Valenzuela, Jose Campoverde, Cayetano Osegueda, Nicholas Ron and now Carlos Chavez.

Seems like Paso is heading towards a tipping point where it will eventually be similar to Santa Maria with gang related shootings making the news every week.

kevin rise

Yet Billionaires have wineries here, eat dinner 5 blocks away at Fish Gaucho* and speak easies with 500 dollar monthly subscriptions downtown. Wth is wrong here. Paso is Gothom, and we need a Joker, not this psychopath who fell through th cracks and got ahold of GUNS. Paso has a problem with Guns, Rich Scum and Slums. Slum lords.

fat chance

Over react much…

Mike Hunt

Kevin, all I ever see from you is negativity. Yet all I’ve learned from you is that I never want to be such a angry, cynical, sad person. I challenge you to donate and make your community a better place by helping it out in a time of need.