SLO Mayor Heidi Harmon quits early, demeans critics

September 22, 2021

Former SLO Mayor Heidi Harmon


San Luis Obispo Mayor Heidi Harmon posted multiple rants on Instagram Tuesday evening announcing she would be quitting five days early and calling criticism of her leadership “crap.”

Amid allegations she took gifts from marijuana businessman Helios Dayspring, Harmon announced in late August her plan to resign on Sept 26, in order to take a job with a nonprofit. Then yesterday, she announced it would be her last day as mayor.

“Everyone wants to feel that dopamine hit of shitting on other people,” Harmon said in an Instagram video. “I am sharing this tonight because I am going to block y’all tomorrow, and you deserve it, and I cannot wait.”

Harmon made three videos before Tuesday night’s SLO City Council meeting, with wardrobe changes in each, though her earrings remained the same.

In several posts, Harmon calls out two people who made sexist comments about her a few years ago.

“One last thing before I go, or actually before you go trolls, what has been happening on this page is completely unacceptable,” Harmon says in another video she posted Tuesday. “It is very important that we create healthy boundaries for ourselves, which I am very, very looking forward to doing at 12:01 a.m tomorrow morning.”

Harmon began blocking some members of the media from seeing her HeidiisMighty Instagram page Tuesday morning, and also deleting critical comments.

After starting the SLO City Council meeting, Harmon said she wanted to lead the Pledge of Allegiance after learning it was written by a socialist. She then change the words, taking out “under God” and inserting “under it all,” while mispronouncing other words.


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By far the worst thing this individual did as mayor was to facilitate the attempt to establish systemic racism in the City of SLO last summer. That was some hardcore nasty stuff.

This attempt was made all the more hideous because it was done under the cover of false, misleading anti-racism rhetoric, in conjunction with race-baiting groups like Race Matters SLO.

Thank God they failed. With Harmon gone, hopefully the healing can accelerate.


Good riddance! Harmon was essentially the Trυmр of the far left. Let’s hope that, like Trυmр, she disappears from relevancy and we don’t have to hear about her extremist divisive politics again.

San Louie

Bull. Trump got things done (unlike Biden) and his politics were far from extreme. HH didn’t do squat to help the City of SLO. All she did was work angles for herself.


So, by your reasoning; Heidi did awful things to SLO, precisely because of her leftist politics.

Trump, under Conservative and capitalist politics, did tremendous good for the entire country! Cut personal taxes, slashed corporate regulations, inspired businesses to return to the USA, expanded support to HBCU’s, was the ONLY presidential candidate that publicly endorsed gay marriage decades before running for president, slashed drug prices, energy independence, did not start any new wars or police actions, Operation Warp Speed to get a covid virus available ASAP, authorized “right to try” for terminal patients to use experimental drugs, banned CRT in the federal gov., withdrew from the Paris climate accords because billions of taxpayer dollars would do nothing, forced NATO allies to finally uphold their end of the charter and fund their own military’s, instituted “Buy America” policy for government spending, among many others. I mean, if you really want to call any of that “divisive”…

Heidi? Brought race riots to SLO.


HA! let’s just take the first item on your list. “Cut personal taxes”. There is NO WAY the Trυmр tax bill can be called a “conservative” tax cut because it did not reduce spending to pay for the cut and instead blew up the budget. It actually made things worse for many people in the middle class because it eliminated many personal deductions including the state and local tax deduction, so now people get DOUBLE taxed. Also, unlike the corporate cuts, the individual tax cuts were not permanent, but rather reduce and eventually EXPIRE in 2025. No coincidence that is right after a 2 term Trυmр presidency would have ended – how’s that for “working angles”??


Yep made 6% less last year yet paid more in taxes.


Lol trump tried to destroy our democracy. Tax cuts to his rich friends and donors didn’t help our country. National debt was 19.9 trillion when trump took office when he left 4 yrs later it was 27.7. That’s a 39% jump in national debt in 4 yrs yet it’s the dems who caused our debt to balloon. I hope the dems call McConnell’s bluff and let the economy tank because it will be on the repubs. They’re the ones saying to raise the debt limit but blocking it from being voted on smfh. If you’re a partisan politician you need to go.


What a whacked out loser. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.


Your leadership, SLO. Well done on the vetting and voting. Let’s vow to demand more of the leaders that work for us shall we? SLO deserves a mayor with a resume…experience, business acumen, respect…things like that.